Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review: Galaxy of Horrors

Review: Galaxy of Horrors
By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob’s Blog

As a person who absolutely loves original anthology films I was excited to get my chance to see Galaxy of Horrors. It is really rare to find a horror/sci fi anthology. This one was created with the help of Rue Morgue Magazine and Unstable Ground Productions using shorts films from their Little Terrors Festival.
The wrap around story is about a man trapped in a malfunctioning life pod. Each segment is of him trying to figure out the password that will release him. Unfortunately every time he fails to say the correct password he is forced to watch a film, which cuts down his life

There are eight films in this anthology, all radically different.

The first film is titled Eden and the world it presents is far from that. It shows us a dystopian world where the air is so polluted you can’t breath without a mask. Also the government is corrupt and the rebellion is using children as freedom fighters. Finally the place also has what appears to be the beginning of a zombie problem.

Iris tells the story of an intelligent Smart Phone that is unfortunately in the hands of a killer for hire. What can a killer do when he has to face a phone with a conscience?

The next film, The Flesh Computer, introduces us to a half biological half mechanical computer that monitors a building. This story asks the question is this device conscious?

The story Pathos tells a story where people are hooked to machines to control their bodies. In order to advance in society you must pass a series of test which are simply to go to one side of the room you are in learn a code and punch it into a keyboard on the other side of the room. If you do it right you win prized that will give you a good life.  If you fail you lose a sense and eventually if you continue to fail you die.

Eveless tells the story of a male couple in a society where women have died and men must now carry children for the future of humanity.

They will all Die in Space tells the story of a technician that is woken up from hyper sleep to do repairs on a disabled ship but he soon learns that the two other men who are awake have horrific plans for him.

Entity tells the story of the survivor of a ship explosion who finds herself alone tumbling through space in a spacesuit until she come face to face with a strange space anomaly.

The final story is titled Kingz and tells the story of two drug dealers who go to drop off a bag of drugs to a night club owner only to find out he has been taken over by an alien entity and his security guards are now remote controlled drones.

Ok, well I found this to be an ok anthology, and I stress on the word ok. The stories varied from interesting to just plain boring. The writing varied as well. A couple of the stories were extremely weak. They had interesting ideas but the stories weren’t fully developed. Another problem was a couple of the films came from other countries and the viewer was stuck having to labor through a lot of subtitles. Also, the wrap around story was weak and did nothing to enhance the film at all.

So, in the end I have to say film was ok and I wouldn’t suggest you rush out and check it out. This is more something you might want to check out as a 99 cent VOD. It is definitely nothing I’d want to include in my anthology collection….

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