Wednesday, October 8, 2014

See No Evil 2 Review

See No Evil 2 Review
By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob's Blog

See No Evil 2 is complete and utter crapfest. There are couple of fair kills, but it's pretty much just a Friday the 13th clone set in the County Morgue, aka the beginning of part 4 but way overly expanded and boring. Kane doesn’t even really play Jacob Goodnight, it is more like a carbon copy Kane Hodder Jason. Danielle Harris appears to be nicely toned and has had her eyebrow fixed, but still gives a performance like she is only half there. Katherine Isabelle looks like a fucking budging eyed freak case in the film and spends most of her time dry humping guys including Kane. Damn, Katherine did you down twenty Monsters to put in that performance? This film has no nudity so for horny guys it will be a bore and disappointed. Apart from the gore set pieces, this could be a PG-13 film, it is that tepid. It all goes on far too long, and the padded ending is utterly stupid. Kane becomes immortal after being pumped full of embalming fluid. Wow ladies that is genius….NOT! Give me a fucking break. No tension, no scares, no atmosphere, nothing a GOOD horror film should have. Typical bullshit low grade sequel to a WWE movie nobody ever liked in the first place. So to put it mildly another waste of money and time by Vince McMahon and made by a bunch of ego case no talent horror socials. Jen and Sylvia do yourselves and horror a favor and go back to doing grindhouse and action flicks. You make Uwe Boll look talented. Like this review, girls? It is heartily deserved. You’ve earned it. It’s sent because you know I love you so much!

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