Saturday, July 21, 2018

Review: Ghost Stories

Review: Ghost Stories
By William Pattison
For Horror Bob’s Blog

Gore and Scares everybody! For my review this time I’ve got the 2017 English art house horror film Ghost Stories.
Ghost Stories tells the story of paranormal debunker Professor Goodman. Goodman one day gets a message from his mentor, who he thought was dead, Professor Charles Cameron. Goodman travels across England and finds his mentor living in a broken down trailer in the middle of nowhere. Goodman asked Cameron why he went into seclusion and he tells him because he had found that the paranormal was true and he was living in fear because of it. Goodman asks him why he didn’t share his findings, but instead of giving him a straight answer Cameron hands Goodman the files he had of his last three cases. He tells Goodman to look into these three cases and that will give him his answers. But as he leaves he sees Professor Cameron watching him and behind him is a mysterious dark figure he can’t clearly see.  So, Goodman takes up the challenge and investigating these three chilling stories. But what Professor Goodman doesn’t realize is this investigation is going to twist his ideas of reality.
I have to say I loved this film. First time filmmakers Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman (who also plays the part of skeptic Goodman) show they know what they are doing. The story which was created by Dyson and Nyman as a stage play is complex and full of twists and turns and clues to the final plot twist that turns the story in a totally new direction. The film work is incredible for a film that was shot on a shoe-string budget. The locations where the stories take place are shot with extreme shadows that make them that much more creepy. The ghost FX and makeup are top notch and not over the top yet stunning and freak inducing. I have to say the last time a movie ghost freaked me out like these did was the ghost in the Guillermo Del Toro classic The Devil’s Backbone. But a great film can’t be great without wonderful performances and this film has them with the standout performance being Andy Nyman as Goodman, Martin Freeman (Sherlock, The Hobbit) as Mike Pribble, and Alex Lawther as the frightened teenager Simon Rifkind.
So, if you like a scary film that keeps you guessing and is loaded with interesting characters then Ghost Stories just might be the film for you. I know it was for me.
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