Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Review: Ichi

Review: Ichi
By William Pattison
For Horror Bob's Blog

I just finished watching a wonderful samurai film from 2008 titled Ichi. It is a spin off of the incredible samurai series Blind Swordsman Zatoichi.
This film tells the story of Zatoichi's daughter whose name is Ichi. She is also blind. When she was a child Zatoichi left her in a home where they taught her to be a singer. Zatoichi visits on occasion and teaches the girl how to use a sword. When she grows up the head of the house rapes her and she kills him. She is thrown out of the house and travels the countryside of Japan looking for her father. It is during her journey that she runs into a samurai that has a tramatic condition where he can't pull his sword to fight. It is because of this that Ichi ends up getting in the middle of a conflict between a village and a group of bandits. I guess it runs in the family.
As a long time fan of the Zatoichi I royally enjoyed this film and highly recommend it....
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