Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: Exit Humanity

Review: Exit Humanity
By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob's Blog

For my review this time I have a historical zombie movie, John Geddes’ Exit Humanity.
This film tells the story of Edward Young, a man who survived the bloodshed of the Civil War and must now live in a world infected by a zombie plague. After his family is bitten and he has to put them down Edward goes on a quest to free his son’s ashes at a waterfall he and his son had planned to visit. While on the way to the falls he meets Isaac, another survivor. Isaac gets Edward involved in a plan to save his sister Emma from a cult anarchist named General Williams. Williams has captured Emma because was bit by a zombie and didn’t change. Williams thinks that if he can find the secret to curing the zombie plague he can use it to take control of the country. Now it is up to Edward and Isaac to stop General Williams’ plans.
Exit Humanity is different from other zombie films in that the zombie plague, though part of the story is secondary to the human story playing out. But, zombie lovers don’t have to fear because there are many excellent zombies scenes throughout the film Mark Gibson gives a stunning performance as Edward Young. You see throughout the film Edward’s journey from near madness to a return to his humanity. Bill Mosely gives a rarely soft spoken and low key performance as General Williams. Also, veteran actress Dee Wallace comes in and does a low key, but memorable performance as the healer, Eve.
The one thing I absolutely loved about this film is its style. In several scenes Geddes would switch from live action shots to classic animation shots, giving the film the feel of being a graphic novel. The film is also narrated by veteran actor Brian Cox, who plays the voice if Edward’s son in the future who is telling the story. All in all if you are a fan of zombie film or just a fan of a good, well written, horror film you will love Exit Humanity.

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