Saturday, January 28, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob's Blog

Well, I went to see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. I was of two minds on this film. The fighting sequences were fantastic. The production quality was good. Paul W S Anderson is a wonderful director. The big problem I had was with the story. I enjoyed the plot, which was simply the computer program The Red Queen informs Alice that there is an air born cure for the T Virus and she has a short time to return to Raccoon City and get in order to save the human race. The problem was the script, to be more exact the continuity points. It starts at the very beginning of the film, when Alice is going over the T Virus history. Suddenly she says that another guy created the T Virus other than Doctor Ashford (from Resident Evil Apocalypse) and that it was HIS daughter The Red Queen was based on. Also that they daughter had had a disease that caused her to age rapidly and the T Virus was created as the cure. On top of that they say that the creator of the virus was killed before the outbreak and this executive adopts the daughter. From this point on all the continuity that we’ve known from the previous five film is cluster-fucked for this new continuity they created for this one film, like they did with the film Highlander: The Source and Highlander: Endgame. Also they didn’t even show the battle that was starting at the end of the last film. They just mention it in passing.

So, I enjoyed the film but I felt betrayed by the fact that they fucked up the entire established continuity just to make this film work they way they wanted. A film can have great special FX and wonderful production quality, but if the cheat on the story it fucks up the entire thing. It is a flawed tapestry. If you are simply going to see this film for cool battle scenes and zombie and monster action you will enjoy it. If you are a person who wants a good solid story you will be sorely disappointed.

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