Sunday, February 23, 2014

Twisted Terror Con, Conventions, and Silence

By William Pattison aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob's Blog

I just had some asshole tell me I have to shut my mouth about what Twisted Terror Convention did to me because the politics behind the scenes is something the public shouldn't know. I believe the opposite is true; all this crap needs to be made public and these assholes need to be held accountable. Sitting in silence only allows the black listings, abuse and petty politics to continue. Conventions were once like county fairs. People went to be entertained and to learn things. Now they are petty popularity contests that cater pretty much too only those who kiss the organizers asses or who are their drinking buddies. The people who lose are the fans who get far less than they deserve. Artists, don't let these assholes get away with pissing on you. You aren't trash you are all artists and deserve respect and consideration. Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett didn't respect me or give me consideration in the least. People keep saying I'm bashing these "wonderful" convention organizers.  How the fuck are they wonderful. I've told you the truth. They told me in February that they were not going to let petty politics run their convention. These hypocrites sat there and said they had gone to conventions and were appalled by the politics and the way artists were treated. They guaranteed me a table and a place in the convention. Then they tossed me like a used piece of toilet paper because Jessica Cameron, Brandon Slagle, and Nikolas Gabowsky said they didn't personally like me. Excuse me? If that was a good excuse for kicking someone out of a convention 90% of the horror industry would be kicked out of them. So, here is the thing, people, I see you gushing about how "wonderful" Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett is or how fantastic Twisted Terror Convention is be prepared to get a reality check from me. I'm not a basher or a troll, I'm a victim. By calling me a basher you are trying to make out that I’m the wrong doer and these assholes have done nothing wrong and deserve support. That is a complete twisting of the truth. They wronged me and by doing this they are not worthy of the trust of the public or any artists in horror. The only reason you say these things is because of your own petty self interest and a like of heart and compassion. Heart and compassion is one of the greatest gifts that civilization has given to us and it is sad and disheartening to see such a lack of it in the horror community. So, get this straight assholes, I'm not going to be silent. Silence is what caused all of this.

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