Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is a Horror Social?

By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob's Blog

A lot of my denouncers keep posting about what I mean by the term horror socials. Some of them actually ramble on about how they are not horror socials and how horror socials don’t really exist. Just today one of the horror socials on her blog asked “What the fuck is a horror social anyway?” So, I felt it is time to educate people on exactly who the horror socials are and why I say they are one of the major causes of horror, both the genre and the community, going down the tubes. Hey the question was asked after all.

One of the main characteristics of horror socials is that they are unbelievable ego cases. These people think that they are so far above the common horror fan, filmmaker, journalist,…you name it that they are a class all their own and are allowed to do the most horrendous things to others while maintaining their false PR image. You see these people on Facebook, conventions, and film festivals. They are the ones (I’m not talking Kan Hodder, Robert Englund, or any of the other real stars of horror…) that think they are “fucking fabulous” and that everyone must love and worship them. They are the ones that post up to eight hundred pictures of themselves at San Diego ComiCon. That is right. They took over eight hundred pictures, and everyone one of them with them as the center piece. Also they are the people who always take pictures of themselves at “The Wall”. You know about the wall. Every scummy convention or film festival puts this up to make it look like The Cannes Film Festival or some huge high profile star studded event. This is the wall with all the sponsor names all over it and has the fake ten foot piece of red carpet in from of them. Horror Socials stand in front of this and act like they’re at the Oscars. But this is because they delusionally think they are “fucking fabulous.” and so above all those other little people in the horror community. If they are female they fill their Facebook profiles, yes they always have more than one, with their “modeling” pictures. Most of these are skanky pics of them just to draw in horny male and lesbian horror fans. I recall one horror social who offered horny horror fans an autographed picture of her in a wet T-shirt just to get people to get VIP tickets for a convention she was a part of. I recall some other supposed “genius” filmmakers that on the extras section of their DVD that they did a walk through of the sets of their film naked. Finally, I recall that a horror social (a director/actor) told a friend of mine that he found if funny that after he got “famous” that those people (meaning horror fans and people outside his clique) think they have the right to criticize his films. He told my friend that the only people whose opinions count are other filmmakers he knows and his friends (meaning his clique).

Another characteristic of a horror social is they lack the class of a real star. The thing is when someone comments in a negative way against them or their work, which is usually lack luster; they gather their forces and attack in mass. You see a real star wouldn’t do this. They would handle it mono-e-mono, without calling in their minions or cult-like fans or drinking buddies. Horror Socials can’t do this. They have to have a show of force to show how superior they are and play up to the friends. Another thing they do in these attacks is perpetrate ad hominem attacks. They will make statements like the person who does not agree with them and the other horror socials superiority somehow has a mental disorder or that they are creepy, or even a stalker (I think Adrienne King or Heather Langencamp would take issue with this). Also these people make disgusting or questionable posts. I recently saw a post where a known thug and horror social posted the very classless post that she and two other horror socials were going throw tampons at people at Texas Frightmare. Also, a group of these ego cases posted that they were part of the Arian sisterhood. They considered this sarcastic humor, because supposedly this along with posting swastikas and pictures of Hitler were against an actress who posted concentration camp pictures on one of their walls. Well, two wrongs don’t make a right and posting Nazi images is not funny in the least. I think a few thousand murdered German Jewish people would take issue with that kind of belly laugh. But, for ego case horror socials good taste and class are beneath them because they are so above the rest of us and have the right to do whatever they want, no matter how disgusting and fucked up to the rest of us.

Another characteristic is that these people believe that they run horror, and the horror community, and only they and their friends deserve to be able to finance their projects, promote themselves, do interviews, have articles done on them, and be part of conventions. Don’t you love the fact that the decision as to if or if not you get donations for your Indie GoGo campaign depends of who hung out and got drunk with who at ComiCon or the RIP Film Festival?  This is the part that royally hits me personally. The thing is in the world of the horror social it isn’t what you’ve done for horror or your body of work, or even who you are. In their world the only thing that matters is who you know, who you associate with, who are your drinking buddies, or whose butt you are kissing at the moment? This is a sad truth of the horror community. In their world this is what determines if you get articles or interviews in Fangoria or the other horror mags, or even most horror websites. I learned this the hard way when I emailed Rebekah McKendry at Fangoria (she gave me her card at Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2011 and said for me to contact her if I wanted an interview) and asked if I could get an interview to talk about my Camp Crystal Lake Novels and what I’ve been doing the last few years. She gave me the following reply, “I’ll give your bio to my editors and see if they give a shit about your work.” Excuse me?  I’m a six time published author who has written screenplays for four films that have been distributed, yet I’m treated like a beggar with a bowl while The Twisted Twins and their buddies have only to ask and they instantly get the red carpet treatment. This because Jen and Sylvia are part of the horror socials clique. I also recall contacting The Horror Society podcast (the supposed voice of the independent scene) and asking them about doing an interview about Psychotic State, both the film and the book I’m writing. This was months ago and they never even gave me the consideration of a fuck you, just silence as an answer. And, something even more telling was recently when my co-host Derek Young was invited to do a podcast. The host of the podcast told him that her “sponsors”, an organization made up of the horror social clique, informed her that they didn’t want her to interview Derek and she couldn’t have on Eric Morse at all either. Well, this host showed some strength and went against the horror socials and  not only had Derek on her podcast but also yours truly. But this is the rarity. I’ve heard over and over from podcasts that they aren’t allowed to have me on because their “sponsors” don’t like me. Also, smaller podcasts that have had me on or planned to have been barraged with threats and hate mail from horror socials and their friends. And, now we come to conventions. I will mention the recent incident of me being kicked out of the convention Twisted Terror Convention because three horror socials on their guest list (two independent actors/filmmakers and actually an author/publisher who was added to the guest list after I was kicked out) said they wanted me out because they didn’t personally like me and my participation conflicted with them. The fact is I also heard from a convention organizer a year earlier that because I wanted to be a part of her convention she was barraged with hate mail from horror socials and their buddies telling her not to have me. Also, last year my podcast put up a Indie Go Go to help finance our season so we could afford to do two hour shows. Well, a number of my friends in the horror community informed me that they were actually threatened by members of the horror socials clique not to donate. So these actions make it clear that the hallmark of horror socials is that they use gangster style intimidation tactics to manipulate decisions in the horror community. How do you like them so far folks?

The final characteristic of the horror socials is they are just plain fakes and liars. These people try to push on the horror community that they love all of them, that they care so much for the horror genre, and that all they do is give back to the horror community. This is all PR bullshit with not a lick of truth to it. The truth is all they see the fans as are meal tickets and a way to stroke their own bloated egos. They will go to conventions and spout at the fans their love yet behind their backs they’ll talk shit about some of them and use them. I recall a letter I got from a horror social actress a couple years ago. She stated, which was uncommonly honest for a horror social, that she had no respect for her fans or the people on her Facebook page; that they were only for her to use to make money and promote herself.  Also, if that wasn’t amusing enough, I had a friend who said he was at  a few conventions and saw horror socials talking shit about fans. He even told me they got blatantly insulting once the fan was outside hearing range. Also, these people say they care so much about the genre yet they don’t even know enough about the genre to be able to make competent films. The truth is most horror socials only know the popular films from the 80’s to present. According to them the old films that are not slasher films, body modification, splatter porn, or other new genre favorites are not  important because all they need to cater to is these limited subgenres to make money in horror. And of course finally there is that whole giving back the horror community. Most of the time what these charitable acts are are chances for photo opportunities and to get to say how “fucking fabulous” they are. If you see a horror social promoting anything it is usually for another horror social and only if there is something in doing it that if for their advantage. I have never seen or been given a break or help from any of the horror socials (this stated because the podcaster who let me on her show I’ve never considered a horror social, she is a victim of circmstances…). As I’ve said none of these assholes would ever lift a finger to help me, because I’m not in their “social circle” (clique). I’ve mentioned till I’m blue in the face about the two horror social filmmakers I asked to be on my birthday show (and no R it was not that they were supposed to call me on my birthday. You get that wrong just to be a fucking bitch asshole. A typical horror social trick.) for my podcast. These horror socials even went so far as to be total asshats and not only not be on my show, but went on three other podcasts to rub salt into my wounds (in typical horror social fashion). And to add a cherry to the wound said, “We did these podcasts because they are our friends and we’ll do anything for our friends.” (Yeah, you even do their podcasts and say this crap when you told me the studio dictated what podcasts you could do and you had no choice on the ones you could do….Another example of a horror social  bullshit lie…) The truth is these people would never think of helping someone unless it could benefit them and make them look good in the public eye (unlike me to the thousandth place).

So there you have it. Here is the answer to the question. The above is a description in detail of who and what the horror socials are. Not a very pretty picture, but the truth. That is something you can rely on from me I will never lie to you, on the other hand all you can expect from a horror social is lies, fakery, and manipulation. And of course you will see them making post about this blog denouncing it as lies and slander and that I’m slamming hard working artists, because I’m such a sad loser. Say it to someone who believes you bullshit. Sorry, this is the truth and it is burning you assholes because you are all nothing but vampires sucking the life out of horror. So, you have a good night and remember to look deeply in that mirror in the morning. Do you like what you see?

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