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Wild Bill LeAtHeRfAcE2 Johnson & Nurse Hatchet (Mixtress DemonatriX: The FAUST HAIKU) Interview & More….

By William Pattison, Aka Eric Morse
For Horror Bob's Blog

(Nurse Hatchet): a note, before we begin this interview, I would like to thank William for putting this together for us, and I would like to express if it were not for good folks like you who promote & help spread the word on all the new independent artists, the fans would never get this kind of insight into the creative process & insight into all the aspects of productions, the music, the art & artists & so much more. we truly appreciate what you do for the independent & horror universe. & on that note, its time to Administer this Devilicious dose!!& to all our loyal She Devils & Demons out there, enjoy the interview & indulge thoroughly ` Nurse's Orders!!!!
now with out any further ado..

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): You are most welcome. It is my pleasure to do this for the both of you.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This first question is for both of you. Where did the concept for Faust Haiku come from?
 (Nurse Hatchet):  well, lets see, Bill wrote the lyrics, & he can shed some light on what inspirations lead to writing the lyrics.

 (Bill Johnson): the theme of Faust was not consciously on my mind when writing this piece.
another thematic element:"The Tale of Everyman", 
 (a Medieval morality play/cautionary tale) was basically an ordinary guy who at the customary time was visited by Death and  Everyman came to Know on his way to the grave that nothing of his life stayed with him Except his Good Deeds. This knowledge is thee 'Cosmic Fact' in the conventional thinking of the typical Medieval life.  Everyman learns that when you are brought to death and placed before God all you are left with is your own good deeds. Hopefully a person would have some “good deeds” to work with. the Faustian title came from the Nurse, who breathed life and fire into this vision quest.

 (Nurse Hatchet): I would like to include, you all know Bill "the actor" but I know Bill "the artist, the poet, the writer" & when I read Bills writing I was moved, his words are deep powerful & prolific, he is a truly amazing & wonderful writer. after reading Bills lyrics i was going over song title concepts with him & it occurred to me that the lyrics have a kind of Faustian quality to them, the lyrical content suggests a journey of a person who achieved success & then loses his soul to the euphoric high of it all, riding all the way to the top & falling all the way back down. much like making the deal with the devil in all the classic Faustian stories, you achieve success & see your wishes come true & then see it all fall apart & fade away because every deal you make with the devil falls apart & comes back to bite you in the arse lol.
the lyrics deal with a much darker reality of choices & paths taken that can & will inevitably lead to ones own downfall & destruction. directly  & metaphorically,  I feel that all of this is reflected with in the lyrical subject matter & can all be translated to a Faustian kind of tale. & that's pretty much exactly what we have done collaboratively.
though Bill did not originally write the lyrics with a Faust theme in mind, this is the effect his lyrics had on me, & the project evolved from there. everything about the Faust Haiku comes strait from Bills writing & the inspiration it has had on me. that is the beauty & magic of collaboration, it is not simply coming from one perspective,  yes it all originates from Bill's wild mind & then translates through me by its effect on me, like most artwork & music, people will find numerous meanings in it, sometimes a different meaning to each persons perspective & the impression it has made on us. this project began as one song, one idea, one concept, then in collaboration it grew into a monster of epic proportion's as we set out to compliment Bills lyrics with an atmosphere that would help assist in telling the story, musically & visually, which now rather then one song, or one idea it has now grown from Bills lyrical origins to my creative interpretations & offers both of our creative perspectives. personally I feel that Bills lyrics & my own creative interpretations on this collaboration are abundantly symmetrical in its journey & come around full circle by song #3. so stay looney tuned, its coming soon ;)

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for both of you. Haiku is traditionally a very short form of poetry that doesn’t rhyme at all. It is traditionally a five seven five count. How difficult was this form to work with?

(Nurse Hatchet):  that's a very interesting question with an interesting story to it, the answer above pretty much explains how we came up with the Faust element of the project title title, the Haiku element actually comes from Bills Lyrics as well, reading the lyrics i noticed there was enough material to cover atleast 3 songs, it could all be fit into one song but it would have to be a very long song lol, so we came up with the concept of splitting the lyrics into 3 parts thus creating an opportunity to have 3 separate song titles, & while Bill & I were talking one evening he made mention of these cool artworks he puts together called vizual haiku, & we were talking about other interesting Japanese folk lore & art,  just having a wild conversation & it occurs to me we need 3 song titles, & at the same time im thinking about Bills Vizual Haiku art,  & like you mention in your question,  the dynamics of Haiku writing can often contain 3 lines in the poem, and at the same time we needed 3 song titles, aka 3 lines.. it all came together that we will use each song title as the 3 lines of our Haiku. so you see once we release the 3rd Faust Haiku song, you will all see the complete Haiku via the 3 song titles. the titles literally became the 3 lines of the Haiku. as for the lyrics they are not written in Haiku form, the Haiku element is totally based on the 3 song titles not the actual lyrics. so far we have unleashed the 2 songs, the first song titled "Faust at the Crossroadz" which contains a 5  syllable count & song #2 titled "Tap Dancing with the Reaper" a 7 syllable count. so of course the song #3 title will contain a 5 syllable count.  for example when you get the Faust Haiku cd, the 3 songs will be listed in a row as a Haiku. the closer we get to releasing song 3 the more excited we are  about finally revealing the complete Haiku. The official Faust Haiku CD will be unleashed soon after the release of song #3 & video #3, the CD will feature all three of the original Faust Haiku trax, along with a number of Killer remixes & alternate mixes & Instru-Mental mixes"!

(Bill Johnson): Challenging and fascinating is the haiku form. I'm still exploring the form so I'll have to report that a little later on regarding difficulty but until then:

Artists stride on stage
Risking all to love out loud
Yah, we'll call ya, next ...

Once upon a time
Insert your life story here
Dead as a doornail.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for both of you. In the story of Faust, Faust gives up his soul to a being called a Crossroads Demon, though in the opera it is made out as The Devil. Faust signs a contract with The Crossroads Demon in order to get riches and social status because he is in love with a woman and feels inadequate as a man. I see a lot of this presented in both songs & visually in the two videos.

Is Bill trying to compare Faust with the status and money hungry people we see in modern times, people who give away moral integrity for the cheap emptiness of power?

(Nurse Hatchet):  wow i love this question,  i cant speak for Bill so ill let him take the rest of this one, but i do want to express that visually with in the musick videos my character as Nurse Hatchet is meant to be seen as the Crossroadz Demon, the Reaper, & the Devil which makes the deal with him.  the bloody concrete room you see me in with all the body parts is metaphorically  "Hells Seventh Circle" the body parts & severed faces behind me that im dancing around are all the previous souls ive collected & destroyed. so visually Bill is the lead character making his deal with me, in the video.  & again his lyrics directly inspired that imagery.

(Bill Johnson): Reaping the "rewards" of going to the Dark Side or Not is only and always a personal choice and an awareness of example that can be re-presented to each new generation of people so everyone doesn't have to re-invent the wheel. However unlike contemporary american show biz, Goethe's, "…FAUST" is not meant to be entertaining.

Faust  and the adjective Faustian imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a  limited term.
 In the German genius Goethe's reworking of the story  Faust becomes a dissatisfied intellectual who yearns for "more than earthly meat and drink" in his life. Faust a scholar (socially held in highest esteem next to priests) who already knew Everyman's Cosmic Fact and Yet Faust Danced with the Devil for short term rewards in exchange for life in eternal Hell.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for both of you. Do you think that the story of Faust is significant in modern times, especially in the horror community?

 (Nurse Hatchet):  oh yes absolutely, the metaphoric comparison's to the elements of modern money hungry power mongers & dirty industry politics are referenced  all through the lyrics & also depicted in the videos, for example the blood money imagery you see in both videos, & some of the classic "Metropolis" film imagery really helps express so much of this visually, & looking at it from the horror perspective even the TCM2 imagery continues to help tell this story, there is also some tasty (Darkside) imagery of a man fallen to his knees chasing after his riches as a supernatural force blows all his money to the floor, the man is groveling for his money to collect every bit greedily, as he looks up he suddenly realizes he is crawling across burning ground on his knees groveling infront of the Devil, just another minion slave to his bad choices, & that his path has lead him to the darkest of consequences, in Hells seventh circle, so to speak. I think its definitely a classic tale of horror which stands the test of time as its story can absolutely still be applied to our modern situations.

 (Bill Johnson): NOT just in modern times does trading one's 'soul' for pelf but all through human history is the "thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to" a constant human factor participating within the struggle of Life's colorful pageant that Cautionary tales such as the Tragedy of Faust warn us human flesh bearers, advise us to avoid the behavior of forbidden, fleshly/sadistic impulses or be destroyed by these same forces.  This info is not new, but must be renewed, reaffirmed as proven knowledge  lest it, i.e. the sorrowful behavior repeated and horrible consequences experienced.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for you Nurse Hatchet. Am I correct that the visual images and music in the videos was your attempt to give visual and emotional significance to Bill’s words? What more can you say about these videos that we haven’t gone into?

(Nurse Hatchet):  yes definitely, i was aiming to capture the sound of the musick i heard in my head as i read Bills lyrics, as I mentioned above, the sound of the music is a direct result of Bills writing.  just like the musick videos, the imagery all comes from his words & from our conversations.
ok now something we haven't gone into.. i don't think a lot of folks know that originally Bill gave me the lyrics & wanted me to perform the vocals on the songs, & i was going to switch it up to a female perspective, but while talking to Bill a thought occurred to me, Bill has such an eloquent way of expressing himself which i really love & even more so when you actually hear his voice he has a very strong delivery & that lead me to this idea, what if Bill actually performed the vocals for the songs instead & i would join him on back up vox or chorus parts ect. i told Bill what i was thinking & honestly he loved it & jumped at it immediately. so i got Bill on the vocals & im so glad it happened this way because i think it has turned out perfect with the special ingredient of his vocals.  the songs simply would not sound right with out his voice in my opinion. it had to be done this way, i feel like it was meant to be.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for both of you. I could see that this was very experimental. How do you think the experiment has gone so far?

(Nurse Hatchet):  oh yes it is extremely experimental, personally i don't do music that isn't experimental, haha i love pushing the boundaries of new & different sound, i don't want my music to sound like anybody elses out there. if you buy one of my cd's you get a wild variety of styles, not just one genre with 8 songs that all sound the same lol..
i want every single song on my albums to be different from the last. the music has been labeled industrial metal but truthfully it is experimental music, it is not a bunch of industrial style genre songs in a row lol.. & i would never put my sound into one single category like that. & i think Bills writing is also very experimental on many levels, i have noticed Bill is greatly inspired by numerous poets & he is very much into mind altering eye opening writing, so i think everything he writes is very experimental & with intense focus on the subject matter, his writing is amazing!
how do i think the experiment has gone so far? well i must admit we have seen a very positive response to the musick & the videos.
in fact we unleashed Faust at the Crossroadz on Halloween night 2012 at 6pm in the evening ok, literally 6 hours later our song hit number #1 on the music charts, & stayed at the number one spot for 9 strait months non-stop! from Halloween 2012 to july 30th 2013, i don't know about you but personally ive never heard of anybody else topping the charts for 9 months nonstop.. so i would have to say the experiment is going very well haha.

(Bill Johnson): The Nurse knows her audience very well and the resulting collaborative synthesis from Marilyn's reagent alchemical  touch, taste and talent is a marvel.

(Nurse Hatchet): (((blushing)))  thank you kindly Bill.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): What has been the response to the videos?

(Nurse & Bill):  honestly we haven't seen any kind of negative response at all, it has all been very positive & passionately so via the awesome fan responses showing so much love. we have received some very kind fan comments & reviews expressing their love for the videos & the songs, we couldn't have landed at the number #1 spot on the industrial music charts for 9 strait months with out such a powerful passionate fanbase, so we are very pleased with the responses & feedback.  & I would like to take a moment to address that point, & say thank you truly to our fans, the She Devils & Demons out there watching & listening, this is all for you, thank you for all your support & love for the music & artwork & productions, from our hearts to yours, it means the world to us..

 (William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for both of you. What are some of your own personal musical influences, inspirations, recording artists, bands & soundtracks, lyric artists, writers ect.

(Bill Johnson): Mary is the musical driving force. The composer. The designer. The instrumentalist. The female vocalist. The producer, engineer, and more.
I’m an actor who sings not a singer who acts, so my performance and writing influences are from a little different POV than a legit musician so to speak...
That being said, so as far as what I hear during my living in the World at large that influences me, in part are:
 Writing artists: DC and Marvel comic books, Twain, Shakespeare, Milton, Bacon, Coleridge, Ginsburg, William Gibson, Borges, Heinlein, Larry Niven, Asimov, Bob Dylan.
Genres: classical music,telemann beethoven Folk music, Argentine Tango,  derivatives of rock jazz and blues.
Vocal shamans: Beatles,  Hendrix, Motowners, the anonymous 4, Richard Burton, Burgess Meredith, John Gielgud, Anthony Hopkins, John Lennon, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, The Firesign Theatre, Alan Ginsburg, Ken Nordine, Daniel Johnston, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans... you see the wild deviations here. I told you Everybody influences me.
 Def number one fave is Nature and natural aural in the World. Birds, winds of the planet, language of dolphins and whales, ocean surf, thunderstorms.
And lest I forget thee Cosmological major influence is, The Universal Sound Current. Yes. Seriously. 'Nuff said.
I have RAM
I, Am.

(Nurse Hatchet): (((((blushing again))))) thank you Bill....
 that's always one of my personal favorite questions William, because it gives us the opportunity to give props to those who have greatly inspired us & I am one who tends to enjoy giving credit where credit is due...that being said, lets see... there are so many..i have a pretty serious variety of music influences..

 fav bands, recording artists & soundtrack composers:
Wendy O Williams & the Plasmatics, Wendy Carlos, Ministry, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Mike Patton, Nine Inch Nails & Trent Reznor, Gary Numan,
Flogging Molly, Dario Argento's - GOBLIN, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Phil Collins, Genesis, David Lynch music, Skinny Puppy, The Cramps, Chimaira, Heaven Shall Burn, Testament, Iggy Pop, the Stooges, The Cure, Janes Addiction, Alice in Chains, the Stranglers, Sneaker Pimps, Massive Attack, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Duran Duran, "My Life" with the Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks, Lords of Acid, Praga Khan, Rammstein, Circle Jerks, the Plugz, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Mindless Self Indulgence, Buck Satan & the 666 Shooters, The Beat or aka English Beat, Tina Turner, Solar Twins, KMFDM, Lead Into Gold, Pailhead, Portishead, Buckethead, (Bill Mosely & Buckethead - Cornbugs), Primus, Infectious Grooves, Oingo Boingo, the Police, Sting, Stewart Copeland, David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Billy Squier, Pink Floyd, Arch Enemy, Anthrax, Slayer, Dethklok, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Dead Kennedys, Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb, Metallica, Iron Maiden, KISS, Ozzy Osborn, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Damage Plan, Alice Cooper, Suicidal Tendencies, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, the Beatles, John Lennon, Simon & Garfunkel, Cream, Joe Satriani, Steve Via, Van Halen, Robin Trowers, Eric Clapton, Beastie Boys, Tribe Called Red, Prodigy, Static X, Fear Factory, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin, Angelo Badalamenti, Ennio Morricone, Basil Poledouris. there is definitely more but we don't have all night, on to the soundtrax...

fav inspirational movie soundtracks, before I begin be warned this is a large list lol...

- Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: (featuring a wide variety of styles, genres & bands across the board)
 - Repo Man:  (featuring a wide variety of hardcore punk rock & thrash metal skate music from a number of awesome bands)
 - Return of the Living Dead: (featuring a wide variety of punk rock music from a number of awesome bands, including The CRAMPS, enough said)
 - Rumble Fish (i'm a fan of all the Stewart Copeland original score music)
 - Beetlejuice (i'm a fan of all the Danny Elfman original score music)
 - Faust - love of the Damned: (featuring a wide variety of hardcore metal, black metal & thrash metal, industrial metal & skate music from a number of awesome bands, including, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Soulfly, Nailbomb)
 - Wicked Lake (soundtrack by Al Jourgensen of MINISTRY, enough kicks total complete ass!!)
 - From Dusk till Dawn: (featuring a wide variety of styles, genres & bands)
 - Lost Boys (all 3 films): (featuring a wide variety of styles, genres & bands)
 - Easy Rider: (featuring a wide variety of styles, genres & bands of the 60s)
 - The Trip (1967) (featuring Electric Flag 7 a wild variety of psychedelic music)
 - Dario Argentos Phenomena: (featuring truly excellent music by Goblin!! & a tasty Dose of Heavy Metal musik, including IRON MAIDEN & MOTORHEAD, enough said)
 - John Carpenters Escape from L.A.: (featuring a wide variety of hardcore metal, thrash metal, Industrial, rock & skate music from a number of awesome bands, including WHITE ZOMBIE & MINISTRY)
 - John Carpenters Halloween: (i'm a fan of all the John Carpenter original score music)
 - Hardware:  (featuring a wide variety of Industrial, rock & 80s club music from a number of awesome bands)
 - A Clockwork Orange: (score music by Wendy Carlos, i am a huge fan of all score music by Wendy, & featuring a wide variety of styles from classical to 70's electronica, genres & contributing musicians)
 - Stanley Kubricks - the Shining:  (featuring score music by Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind)
 - Twin Peaks - Firewalk with me (featuring score music by Angelo Badalamenti, & a tasty variety of experimental styles, including some of my favorite music by (the Pink Room)
featured during the Bang Bang Bar scene.
 - Blue Velvet - (featuring score music by Angelo Badalamenti, & songs by Roy Orbison)
 - David Lynch's, Wild at Heart - (featuring score music by Angelo Badalamenti, and featuring a blend of romantic music with Chris Isaak's song Wicked Game & a touch of heavy metal by (Powermad)!
 - Lost Highway - (with score music by Angelo Badalamenti, & featuring a wide variety of hardcore metal, thrash metal, Industrial, from a number of awesome bands)
 - The CROW ^V^ (featuring a wide variety of hardcore metal, thrash metal, Industrial, Goth, & alternative music from a number of awesome bands)
 - Cool World - (starting with David Bowie you know its gonna be a killer Dance album! & goes on to feature a wide variety of Electronica, & Industrial artists, bands & musicians, with a touch of Rock & Metal in the mix!
 - Mr.STITCH (1996) yep, heres a hard to find soundtrack for a movie which was originally intended to be a tv series, i love this movie & the soundtrack!!
(featuring a very industrial electronica rock metal atmosphere with original music by TomandAndy)
 - Tetsuo - the Iron Man (i think this soundtrack has been incredibly influential & inspirational not only to me & my own musik, but especially to the entire industrial & electronica musik genres,
featuring a complete score composed purely of industrial sounds & electronica beats, eay ahead of its time)
 - Rivers Edge (featuring a deviliciously tasty selection of Hardcore Metal, Doom Metal, & Skate Thrash musik - including SLAYER! Enough said)
 - Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (featuring a wide variety of styles & genres, from 60's classics like Jefferson Airplane & the Yardbirds jefferson airplane
to 80's punk, including Dead Kennedys)
 - SLIVER soundtrack (featuring an awesome variety of atmospheric styles from Enigma, Lords of Acid & more!)
 - SNATCH (featuring a tasty variety of music styles & genres from a number of awesome bands, artists & musicians)
 - Ferris Buellers Day Off (featuring an awesome variety os styles from all kinds of bands, artists & musicians)
 - Bill 'n' Teds Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey (featuring a very cool variety of rock & metal)
 - Breakfast Club (featuring a sweet collection of 80's music)
 - Batman (soundtrack by Danny Elfman, with music by "Prince")
 - Batman Returns (Soundtrack by Danny Elfman, with music by Siouxsie & the Banshees)
 - Bride of Frankenstien (the most beautifully powerful score ever composed for a monster movie)
 - Rush (soundtrack by Eric Clapton, & including a personal fav of mine, Robin Trowers - Bridge of Sighs)
 - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (songs by Tina Turner! enough said)
 - Mars Attacks (soundtrack by Danny Elfman)
 - Friday the 13th part 6 - Jason Lives (featuring songs by Alice Cooper!! song - the Man behind the Mask) ..enough said ;) \m/
 - Attic Expeditions - this soundtrack is hard or impossible to find as it maybe unreleased, never the less (a deviliciously tasty Dose of hardcore intense industrial metal atmosphere & featuring a song I love titled: Spookius Mortem, from the band 'Nocturne)
 - Tales from the Crypt - Bordello of Blood (featuring a tasty Dose of Rock & Metal, including Anthrax & Kerbdog)
 - Dee Snider's Strangeland (featuring a killer collection of Hardcore Rock, Metal, Death Metal, & Industrial Metal, including Pantera, Crisis, Marilyn Manson, Bile, & of course Twisted Sister & much more)
 - the Beatles - Help!!  & also, a Hard Days Night (featuring...the Beatles...enough said)
 - Valley Girl soundtrack - (featuring a fun variety of 80s rock & hilarious Valley Girl pop music lol)
 - Judgment Night (featuring a killer crossover of Metal / Rap with a wide variety of band collaborations,
including trax from Slayer & Ice-T, Sonic Youth & Cypris Hill, Boo-Yaa Tribe & Fath No More, Living Colour & Run D.M.C. & many more)
 - Pink Floyd - the WALL (one of the most truly excellent albums & soundtrax ever recorded)
- Friday the 13th (soundtrack scores by Harry Manfredini)
 - Tales from the Darkside tv series (Intro Theme)
& i'd like to include 3 more for best songs performed live in movies!!
 * Blues Brothers (original) performed by: James & Elwood Blues with the Blues Brothers Band, home address, 1060 w.Addison, Shi Town, Windy City Chicago Ill.
 * The Crow - "My Life" with the Thrill Kill Kult - performing the song (After the Flesh)
 * Steven Spielberg's -  A.I. (Ministry performs the song: What about us)
 * Brian De Palma's - Body Double: (Frankie Goes to Hollywood performs the song: Relax)

i have each of these soundtrax, in my fav playlists, music library & my cd players, in the car & pretty much ready to play everywhere i go. these are some of the major music influences in my life. and make no mistake, we are only scratching the surface here, there is just too many more too list...

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for you Nurse Hatchet. So, another minor project you’ve been working on is a little film titled Psychotic State. Would you like to talk about your participation in this film?

(Nurse Hatchet):  yes that's correct, i have some tasty cameo spots in the film which are pretty naughty & fun! along with composing score music & offering up some of the Mixtress Demonatrix musick for the soundtrack. ive had a lot of fun being involved with Psychotic State & Director Derek Young rocks!

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for Nurse Hatchet. The film Psychotic State has a central theme of anti-bullying. What are your opinions on the subject? And what might be a solution you might suggest for the situation?

(Nurse Hatchet):  now that's a serious question & yes  in fact the anti bully theme is one of the major elements which attracted me to the story because of what I have been through, correction, what I have survived through... it is a story that touches on Bullying & the kind of negative effects it can have on us & in this case the deadly horrifying effect it can have.
i wish i could offer up a better solution then this to the bully problem, but honestly i was bullied when i was young & obviously also survived worse & what i learned from it is that a lot of people have very little tolerance for others, lack of understanding or acceptance, i really don't understand why it is so hard for people to simply accept others as they are. & personally i think the only true remedy to the problem is people have to learn acceptance other others differences. & i think the state of our country & the problems of the world will never change until people can start working together, but the way things are set up, everybody is taught to point out & make fun of each others differences, & of course most often bullying is the result of low self esteem & especially personal prejudice's taught to the children by the parents, i think that's a major root to the problem, it falls upon irresponsible parents who do not teach their children what is right especially because of their own personal prejudices. so until people can actually get past their differences the problems of our world will not change, because the only way we will ever change the way things are going is when we all stand up together & make it change & stop letting the powers that be make the decision's & changes for us with out our approval. 

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is also for Nurse Hatchet. So, tell us about some of the other projects you have under your nurse’s hat?

(Nurse Hatchet):  with pleasure William sweetheart ;)
ok, as you mentioned just recently wrapped is Psychotic State from Director Derek Young, so keep your eyelids peeled!
after I first had the pleasure of watching the directors cut, I told Derek, this is exactly what I expect from independent horror, it has that raw almost documentary kind of feel to it similar to that of the original TCM, gritty, & raw & brutal.
im featured in an intro cameo, which was awesome because its right next to Lloyd Kaufman's intro cameo on the dvd, so im excited about that, & i have some eXXXtra naughty cameos featured on the Directors cut dvd as well! plus the movie features horror icon cameos galore, each offering their own perspective thoughts on bullying. the complete list of cameos include: yours truly Nurse Hatchet, Linnea Quigley, P.J. Soles, Lloyd Kaufman, Conrad Brooks, Mark Torgl, Josh Stewart, Marc Sheffler, Jake The Snake Roberts, Aleister Price, Eric Morse, David Naughton, R.A. Mihailoff, Sal Lizard, J.J. Dillon, JIm Krut, Kizarney, George Kosana, Mike Christopher, Vic Armstrong

and im so excited to let you know, coming to dvd as we speak: "Night of the Dolls" from Director Daniel Murphy & writer Tom Komisar of HM&M Films. Starring the Lolita Dolls, they rock my socks off!
You fans are going to love this film, it is brutaliciously intense, featuring everything you are looking for in a great horror movie, & introducing a most disturbingly insane character to the horror universe "Ingrid" with out giving away the storyline, I will just tell you, this movie will make you pee your pants lol, get ready to be scared, & be sure to empty your bladder before watching hahaha, im not joking, this is relentless and will have you on the egde of your seat, screaming & biting your nails. also I want to mention, something very special to me, I was originally approached by Tom Komasar about getting involved on NOTD before production started , because my character as Nurse Hatchet was actually the motivating force & inspiration for Night of the Dolls character "Ingrid" as you can imagine I am truly flattered & honored by this, & as if that wasn't cool enough Tom & Daniel posted a public post expressing to the entire world that Nurse Hatchet was the inspiration for Ingrid, I mean what a tremendous gesture, it is literally one of the coolest things anybody in this industry has ever done in honor of yours truly on any production ive ever been involved with. when I read that post, the tears of joy started flowing, it means so much to me that they would do that & on that note you can understand why I am loyally involved with upcoming HM&M Films.
so to Tom & Daniel I just want to tell you I love you guys, of course you both already know that but thank you again, you are the best!
 plus we are very pleased to mention the FAUST HAIKU is featured on this killer soundtrack, next to rock/metal icons such as WASP & more!!!!
& i have some devilicious cameo spots in this as well as composing some of the musick & Mixtress Demonatrix musick on the sountrack.  ive been having a blast being involved on this & coming up on the Horrorizon with yours truly & HM&M, im working on composing score musick for their upcoming production "SkullButcher" where i will have more cameo spots as well.
Daniel & Tom are visionaries & totally open to all creative ideas brought to the table & I love that about working with them, it makes for an excellent creative atmosphere & a true pleasure to work with.

i am also very proud to announce my involvement with the upcoming "Slashers Gone Wild part 2 - Wrath of the Zombie Lord" from Director Rob Avery,
featuring some of my extra bloody cameo spots as the "Slashers Inc. recruiter Nurse" & you will also see more of yours truly in the 3rd sequel installment of Slashers Gone Wild, with more cameos & more Demonatrix musick! Rob is ultra awesome, fun to work with & always open to creative concepts, which is a wonderful quality in any truly Great Director!  Rob & I, together with Lyndal KONG Ferguson, have a special comic collaboration in the worx, as the sequel to my comicbook
"Origin of Nurse Hatchet" it will feature the back story of how Nurse Hatchet teamed up with Slashers Inc. titled "Origin of Nurse Hatchet - issue#2 the Slashers Inc/ Connection" stay looney tuned for that, which will be unleashed soon after the Slashers Gone Wild part 2 movie release.
& be sure to check out the original "Slashers Gone Wild" trust me when I tell you, if you love horror & want an action packed deviliciously goregasmic horror experience, your going to find everything your looking for in this movie, Robs directing doesn't flintch, with bloody chainsaws cutting through heads & a full blown battle of psychopathic killers, & demons to find out who is the most brutal murderous Slasher! just imagine pitting all of your favorite horror movie monsters & killers against each other, that's an epic concept,  & that's the basic concept behind Robs vision in this movie, with a set of his own cast of creepy characters, his own all Original Slashers in this battle to the death.

Plus im pleased to tell you, Our Faust Haiku Musick will be featured on each of these soundtrax listed above, & more..
including the upcoming "Lake Eerie" official soundtrack from Savage Beast Fims. Directed by Chris Majors.
& we are lining up many more as we speak!!! stay looneytuned!!!

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): Oh, and, Nurse, how are your comics doing? I know you would like to tell the readers about your comic book artist, Lyndal Kong Ferguson….

(Nurse Hatchet): yes indeed i would, the comics are going very well, my character has been featured in a number of awesome comicbook cameos, including Jason Crawleys "Blokes Tomb of Horror 666" a comic collection of killer short horror stories featuring the story "Dr.Bang vs. Nurse Hatchet", which is actually where Lyndal & I began collaborating on story ideas & that lead right into creating the "Origin" comic.  also been featured in Ju Gomez & Fernando Ignatius Martins "Viral Issue the Horror vs. Chainsaw Sally" where i make a tasty surprise appearance! also going to be featured in Ju Gomez's upcoming "Son of 6" & "Screams from the Ward".  & right now Lyndal & I are about to unleash the official "Origin of Nurse Hatchet" comicbook, which is in printing right now & due to be released in a few weeks.
Lyndal KONG Ferguson is the official Mixtress Demonatrix comicbook & visual artist, he not only created all the artwork for the Origin of Nurse Hatchet, he also creates the comic art for the musick videos. for those who are un-aware, Lyndal has done all kinds of awesome artworks for so many bands, including KISS, Werevilsdare & many many more! he also did artwork for the original classic "Rock'N'Roll Comics (METALLICA issue), which by the way that comic made a special appearance on an episode of Married with Children, Bud Bundy is reading it in this video clip

The Origin story has actually been in the worx for over 2 years & it is very personal to me. by telling this story it is like a kind of therapy helping me face my demons, because it is loosely based on real events I have survived through, & it expresses a lot of the emotions I suffer through still to this day,  due to the effects it has had on me in my life. so rather then going psycho on a killing spree & going to prison for exacting some kind of murderous revenge lmfao I focused these painful brutal experiences from my personal life & translate it all into a story that helps me face my demons, it helps me fight back, this is why & how I became Nurse Hatchet, what I survived through changed my life forever, in some dark negative painful ways but at first, but then  I turned it around & turned it into a positive by creating this therapeutic story. a friend once said to me, my own success is the best revenge of all by telling this story & I really dig that concept.  with out giving away too much of the storyline & going into painful personal details, ill just say this & give you a little insight into my character in the story. It is a story of  justifiable righteous vengeance. my character in the comic is brutally sexually assaulted & murdered, then by command of a darker power, Death (The Reaper) brings her back to exact vengeance on her attackers to collect each of their evil souls, she is no longer human, she returns as a supernatural demonic like being with a dark lust for this revenge & a kind of built in homing beckon that guides her to each of the attackers, & like a vampire needs blood- my character needs revenge.  it is mostly based on brutal realities & only partially a fictitious story due to the amplified embellishment's of supernatural power added to the creative ingredient's. if you happen to be moved or have strongly emotional feelings or a personal connection to films such as: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Crow,  I spit on your Grave, or Sudden Impact, each of these stories were major inspirations to me as I wrote my story, truth is each of these films has had such a serious powerful impact on me, & I immediately related & connected to these stories, for me movies like that help empower us because we get to see the victims get even with their attackers! if you have been bullied, or assaulted or worse, it is likely you tend to relate to these stories & connect with them like I do, especially because it empowers us. & I feel that those films though very twisted & disturbing because of the realistic subject matter also offer an awesome positive effect for those of us who need it.
& that's exactly what im aiming for by telling my story, it is for those like myself, for those who might need it. through telling the story it offers that same positive effect as those films. I have told Bill many times about how inspirational TCM2 was on me, Stretch is my hero, she fights back & survives, I also love the character that Dennis Hopper portrays,  he is a relative of Jerry, one of the unfortunate victims from the original TCM film, & Dennis aka(Lefty) has tracked the Killers down to  get revenge for what they did to Jerry & he does gets his revenge... in a sort of kamikaze fashion lol. & that is why I tend to love & appreciate TCM2 more then the original, it just happens to be that part 2 speaks to me on a much more personal level because of those particular elements. plus to be honest, Tom Savini's special fx, & the awesome soundtrack on part 2 have been greatly influential & inspirational in my life & career, because of TCM2 I became a special fx artist & also have become a music soundtrack composer. and honestly it scared that hell outta me more then any other horror movie ever has & that's due to the performances delivered, Bill Johnsons amazing intense performance was absolutely terrifying, yet naughty, kinky & even romantic,  plus in my professional fx artist opinion Savini's Leatherface mask is still the most realistic out of all the sequels or the original, and introducing a different look & style to the character of Leatherface as he is wearing the suit & tie, black leather gloves, cowboy boots, this gave a much more creepy professional killer, mafia style assassin look & feel to the character which just makes him that much scarier & realistic, with the added element of the Grill'n'go go Chili food business again bringing the story to a realistic level, that this can really happen & does happen in real life... & of course Bill Mosely as Choptop  cuts it up literally with such fully charged insanity & some of the most memorable crazy quotes & Jim Siedow returning in his role as the Cook lets not forget Jim delivers one of the most iconic killer quotes in horror history with "The Saw is Family" (of course Directing props to the one & only Tobe Hooper for all of these wonderfully psychotic elements), & Caroline Williams who is so realistic in her terror through the film & especially in her revenge, yes Caroline truly delivers the most insane powerful performance, she became a personal hero of mine because of that film.
ok im getting off the original topic but its important to me to express all of this.
(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for Bill. And what have you got on the chopping block, so to speak, sir? what new projects & productions are you involved with or planning to work on? 

(Bill Johnson): 
Convention appearances:

Flashback Weekend
Website to be updated regarding my appearance with Caroline
 AUGUST 8-10, 2014

Infect Scranton
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 12-14, 2014
Turning Stone Resort & Casino
Verona, NY

Housecore Horror Film Festival
Oct 23-26 2014
Austin TX

Recent FILMS:
Red on Yella Kill a Fella: 
Butcher Boys:
With me and Joe Estevez, "The Caretakers"
also catch me in BBPs film, "LUCID" 
My Indie Filmmaker 'peeps' at Big Biting Pigs Prod's

A yet untitled Performance Textbook"…for cofee table or training table and several Screenplays simmering

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): And Bill, now you knew this was coming…Tell the readers a bit about your work in Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre  

What was it like working with Caroline Williams?

(Bill Johnson): Caroline was just the best kind of positively hard working Talented actress that anyone would want to work with and has more energy and verve than the Warner Bros, Tasmanian Devil, no wonder she looked so Amazonian Action/Adventure Babe Awesome, swinging that howling Chainsaw in victory over her head atop Chainsaw Heaven in the last scene of the movie.  
How about Bill Mosely? 

(Bill Johnson): Best time ever being the good kind of crazy with Bill M.
Bill Moseley was like TCM2's version of Col. Wm Killgore (Robert Duval)from APOCALYPSE NOW, full of charismatic gusto, guts and glory who was untouchable by disease or injury and master of mayhem in his bailiwick divine on the insane set of, TCM2.

 (William Pattison/ Eric Morse): How would you compare Tobe Hooper to other directors you’ve worked with? I heard there was some fun had on that production & some issues. Anything you can tell us about that?

(Bill Johnson): Fun and issues on Every set I've been on, nature of the beast.
Due to many factors, Cannon had put the balls of the Production in a vise and squeezed with a wicked will so that Everybody was feeling it especially Tobe who btw was immovable in his stance and awesome in his wrath; and That particular type of pressure on everyone from a massive, relentless, faceless, inescapable crushing force from the "outside" was an apropos metaphor for our movie. Thus as in the forming of a superb Katana sword, we the cast, were fired, folded and hammered over and over into a pointy edge that still cuts deep today.
Tobe has the ability to hold open and imbue us with the spirit/zeitgeist unique to the Special World of Tobe Hooper's, TCM,TCM2 so  that we actors were anchored and stabilized as the Characters and for me, when hooking up to Tobe's energy was akin to a psychedelic episode. Perfecto!
Tobe was a rock.  Cannon Films was constantly on top of Tobe to work faster than he deemed necessary and sufficient but Tobe held his ground fending off the Studio muscle trying to roust and oust him which by extension gave me and I believe all the Cast a strong sense of safety and solidarity and a clear line through the entire process of completing the TCM2 project, his way. 
Tobe got insane pneumonia at the very end (I had the same thing earlier in the schedule and was in bed for a week taking meds Every 2 hrs around the clock) so, when Tobe was laid up in hospital the final few days, the final 24 hrs of the shooting schedule was a non stop film-a-thon organized and led by Dick Kooris the Cinematographer that 24 hours was prettily and fiercely executed.  
On July 4th 10:00 am Cannon  pulled the plug  on TCM2 But, we had bagged what was needed, footage was "in the can";we had beat the Reaper. 
The Cannon Films Studio in all fairness had been facing severe perhaps catastrophic penalties if they didn't have the finished film on screen by an all too rapidly approaching deadline after we wrapped principle photography.

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for Nurse Hatchet, You are the official She Wolf of The Wolf Pack Podcast. Tell the listeners about this. What you think of The Wolf Pack crew?

(Nurse Hatchet): absolutely my pleasure, im proud to be She Wolf of the Wolf Pack, for those who aren't familiar with this, let me elaborate, the WolfPack is a horror podcast crew, and a couple years ago William of the crew helped me through a pretty embarrassing situation concerning my interview & i was literally in tears at the time so we talked on the phone & he really helped me through it & helped cheer me up, which i really needed at the moment, ever since then we have been friends & i was invited to be part of the pack, so i have offered up music for their shows as well as audio intro cameos & for my She Devils & Demons out there you will love this part, i am the official Horror Pin-up Ghoul for the website, in fact at this moment William is putting together the new pin-up page which will feature a ton of my photos, including some eXXXtra naughty pix you wont be able to find anywhere else! "kinky winks" ;)

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): This is for both of you. Any websites you would like to plug? 

(Nurse Hatchet):
yes indeed William...

The Faust Haiku part #1 (Faust at the Crossroadz) audio
The Faust Haiku part #2 (Tap Dancing with the Reaper) audio

Faust Haiku ReMiXxXeZ:

Faust Haiku part #2 (Blood Dance the Reaper (With Fire) RMX audio
Faust at the Crossroadz (Instru-Mental RMX) audio

Lick the Kink below, Come visit the Nurse's Office & Take your Medicine! ~ Nurse's Orders!! @

Nurse's Office / Mixtress Demonatrix H.Q. :

 Mixtress DemonatriX @ youtube:

Mixtress DemonatriX @ LastFM:

Mixtress DemonatriX @ Vimeo:

Mixtress DemonatriX @ TuneCore:

(Bill Johnson):
Mary Madcox aka Nurse's office @ facebook:
My colleague and pal, Joe Estevez:

My Indie Filmmaker 'peeps' at Big Biting Pigs Prod's check out their latest film, The Caretakers with me and Joe Estevez :
Director of "JON", Filmmaker Billy Instone:

Director of "Naked Horror" Carlo Rodriguez:


Caroline Williams:

(William Pattison/ Eric Morse): Finally, this is for both of you. Is there any last things you want to say to the readers?

(Nurse Hatchet): yes there is... Im proud to let you all know, Bill & I will be continuing music collaborations even after we wrap the 3rd installment of the Faust Haiku, we have already started collaborating creative & instru-mental concepts, & Bills vocals will be featured on some upcoming Mixtress Demonatrix trax & on a couple update remixes, including the "I Like it On Top" update remix & more!

(Bill Johnson): I thank all you Far-Out-Fans for your continuing interest and supportiveness.
It's a great time to meet and greet you all at appearances and conventions and via social media.
I'm looking forward to horror convention good times with everybody!

(Nurse Hatchet): Remember the Darkside is always there, waiting to be entered, waiting to enter us..lmfao
stay looneytuned my She Devils & Demons for all the upcoming Psychodelik Insanity!!!

Keep on Creepin' Horror Bob's Blog!!!! 

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