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Review: # Horror

Review: # Horror
By William Pattison
For Horror Bob's Blog

First off I would like to thank my Youtube buddy Cauwel3 for making me aware of this film.
#Horror is supposed to be a morality tale about the inhumanity that modern parents are imparting into their children. In the case of the six rich spoiled ego case girls director/writer Tara Subkoff takes this to the extreme. So extreme that there is not one character that the viewing audience can relate to much less sympathize with, one of the big no nos in horror. Another failure of the director is the setting. This huge window (literally the exterior is completely made of windows…) house with garish artwork on the few walls, including a way large painting of an open hard boiled egg that for some reason the director uses special FX to make it pulse like a heart on occasion.
In the story six very nasty, spoiled, girls come together at one of the girl’s garish window house. This is, of course, after the girls father and his mistress get killed in his car on a road in the woods not far from the house. The girl’s mother takes off leaving the girls to do as they choose. For the majority of the film you see the girls being bitches, constantly doing selfies, and putting on a female pissing contest with each others They even do this very disturbing dance while wearing creepy masks. And, I literally mean this is what happens through ninety-eight percent of the film. The fun ends when one girl calls the fat girl in the group fat. The main girl, the girl whose house they are in, tells her to leave. The girl is ejected out into the snow and the cold. She calls her daddy (played over the top by Timothy Hutton) comes to the house, bullies the girls, and goes out looking for his daughter. That is finally murders start happening, in the last fifteen minutes of the film.
To put it simply this film is one that puts image over substance, stereotypes over actual building of actual three dimensional characters, endless fluff over solid dramatization. This film promises gore at the beginning and ends up boring the audience. And, of course when the payoff is given it is not even worth it. Even the opening credits are barely readable because the filmmaker shows them in bursts of flashy imogies, which is perfect for a film that is all flash and nothing else.
As a lover of horror I cannot recommend this film. I hope this filmmaker learns from this film and does a horror film next time with better characterization, tension, and real scares.

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