Thursday, November 16, 2017

Review: Found Footage 3D

Review: Found Footage 3D
By William Pattison
For Horror Bob’s Blog

Gore and Scares everybody, this time I’m reviewing the new found footage film by filmmaker Steven Degennaro, Found Footage 3D.
This film tells the story of Derek and his film crew who are planning to film their own found footage film in a cabin in an isolated wooded area. Derek, who is the producer, surprises his director with his latest great idea. They are going to shoot their found footage film in 3D. The director isn’t thrilled with the idea, given that it is a found footage film and the idea breaks the illusion that this is “found footage,” but in the end Derek convinces him. On the way to the location they stop at a store to get food and end up asking a couple of old rednecks to be the creepy warning givers for the film. After the rednecks do their parts they ask where the crew is shooting. When they are told they give the crew a real warning. After that in true horror fashion the crew goes to the cabin and their found footage shoot becomes a real life horror as a mysterious force, like the one in the story they are shooting, starts causing chaos with the shooting and takes them out one at a time.
I have to say I found this film amusing. I’m actually a fan of this subgenre and I loved how they played around with the stereotypical hallmarks of the typical found footage film. There is one sequence where they have to do a surveillance footage shot. The director reminds Derek that that footage won’t be in 3D like the other footage. Derek fixes the problem by taping two cameras together. Also, there is a sequence where they are doing a POV running scene and Derek complains about the fact that the “shaky cam” is going to make the audience sick in 3D. The director tells him that there is nothing that can be done because the camera is in the hand of the girl who is running. Derek straps a shoulder harness on the girl and hooks to camera to it to lessen the shaking. The director argues that it won’t look real, because the girl in the story wouldn’t have a harness. Derek reminds him that it isn’t reality and they are going to do it his way. The director huffs off complaining that he has no control and why does Derek need a director at all since everything is done “his way.”
There is one thing that really messes with the film for me. The thing is they never really make a clear separation between the scenes shot for the film they are making in the movie the characters are filming and the footage “behind the scenes.” There are times that it gets a bit confusing at times which is kind of distracting. But all in all, if you are a fan of found footage films, Found Footage 3D will be and an amusing time for you, no booze required….
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