Friday, November 17, 2017

Review: Talon Falls

Review: Talon Falls
By William Pattison
For Horror Bob’s Blog

Gore and scares everybody. I’m back yet again with another movie review on a new film either on DVD or VOD. This time it the new film in the subgenre torture porn, Talon Falls.
This film tells the story of a group of four teenagers who decide to check out an extreme Halloween attraction located in the Kentucky woods. The attraction, The Talon Falls Screamland, features the usual jump scares, killer clowns, and chainsaw welding psychopaths. But it also features sections that feature people being horribly tortured, and these look unsettlingly real. Well, when two of the group decide to slip in behind the scenes they find out the horrifying truth, that the torture scenes are exactly what they appear to be, very real. Now, they have been chosen to be the next featured attractions and now they must find a way to get free before they become part of the fun.
I have to say, besides the recent SAW film I haven’t seen any torture porn films in years. This was never really a favorite with me. Honestly I have to say that besides the SAW franchise, with its complicated plot, I’ve found torture porn films very cookie cutter and not very interesting. This film on the other hand I found a tad more interesting. I liked how they took the idea of an extreme Halloween attraction  and took it to this extreme level. It is one reason I avoid such things like the plague. I fear that one day I will hear on the news that one of these operators might do exactly the same thing this story tells.
As for the acting, writing, and film technique, there was nothing special. Even the twist at the end was actually telegraphed and was expected.
So, if you are a fan of torture porn films and films like The Houses that October Built you will definitely like this film. If you are every other horror fan I would grab yourself a twelve pack, then it will be a party….LOL… Oh, also they could have done a bit better with the title. Talon Falls brings to mind a creepy town film or a murder mystery. I think if they had titled it Talon Falls Murderland or something more descriptive of what the film actually is it would have been better, but that’s just me….
Keep on Creepin’, Horror Bob’s Blog….

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