Friday, November 9, 2018

Review: House of Thaddeus

Review: House of Thaddeus
By William Pattison
For Horror Bob’s Blog

Gore and scares everyone. Well, this time I’ve got a genre busting film that is neither a drama, mystery, or horror film, but has aspects of all. That film is 2013’s House of Thaddeus.
House of Thaddeus tells the story of Tom and Claire. Tom is a science teacher who believes in reason. Claire is a pianist who has a belief in the spiritual. They’ve gotten a great deal on a four level house that was once a bed and breakfast. The inside of the house is rather odd in the in every room are these strange gold symbols with orbs with red crystals in them. The man who sells them the house tells them they were made by the man who built the house, who was a sort of cult leader named Thaddeus, so he could watch over the house in death.
Soon after moving in Claire gets injured when a windows slams down on her hand. Claire ends up with her hand in a cast and the doctor informs her that there is a chance she will never play the piano again. Then to make things worse one of Tom’s fellow teachers tells him that the house was location of a brutal murder. After hearing about this Claire becomes obsessed about learning more about Thaddeus and the murders. Tom is opposed about this. Then people start showing up wanting to see the house because of the murders. Tom keeps trying to kick them out while Claire welcomes them. Claire starts putting on tours of the house while Tom is at work. This causes stress with their marriage when he finds out.
It is at this point that Claire meets a medium who tells her that she needs to find the surviving daughter of the family who was murdered so she can let her talk to her family  and close her wounds. Claire does this even though Tom is opposed. Claire finds the daughter but Tom ruins the séance. After he tells her he wants a divorce. Claire tells him she wants the house.
This film is not for most horror fans because it doesn’t have ghost FX, creepy lighting or music, nor does it even have a stormy night scene. The ghosts in this film are simply presented as the history of the house and how it affects the people living in it. This film is mostly about differences in ideologies and beliefs and how these differences destroy the main couple’s marriage. It is the writing and performances that propel this film rather than special effects and camera tricks.
So in the end I have to highly recommend this film if you want to see something intriguing without any jump scares….
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