Sunday, November 18, 2018

Review: My Dinner with Herv'e

Review: My Dinner With Herv’e
By William Pattison

I know this isn’t a horror or sci fi film but after watching My Dinner With Herv’e I could not hold back the urge to review this HBO Original film presentation.
My Dinner with Herv’e tells the story of reporter Danny Tate and how in 1993 he was given the assignment of doing an interview with author and screenwriter Gore Vidal. Also, his editor decides that while he is in LA he will do another interview with former Fantasy Island co-star Herv’e Villechaise for the anniversary of the James Bond film Man with The Golden Gun, which Villechaise acted in. Tate is trying to get his life back together after being twenty days sober and being separated from his wife and child. His editor has told him that he can’t screw up these interviews because his job is on the line.
Tate meets and has dinner with Villechaise. Villechaise, who hasn’t done an interview in years, is surprised by how boring and standard Tate’s interview is. Villechaise starts prodding Tate and offering “the real story”. Tate tells him he has to leave because he has another interview, but Villechaise is insistent and even resorts to calling Tate a “Junior” which irritates the reporter. Tate leases frustrated and ends up being twenty minutes late getting to his interview with Gore Vidal. Vidal is angry and refuses to do the interview. In an attempt to try and salvage his trip Tate goes back to Villechaise to hear the real story. The result is an evening of Villechaise going from one crazy antic to another while telling Tate the story of how he was rejected by his mother for being a dwarf through his time as an artist, and on through becoming an actor and in the end destroying his own career over his marriage to a money grubbing actress.
Actor Peter Dinklage is fantastic as Herv’e Villechaise. Through Dinklage is quite a bit taller and looks nothing like the late Villechaise, he still manages to capture the feel of this tragic celebrity. Also, Jamie Dornan does a good job as reporter Danny Tate. But some serious credit needs to be given to Andy Garcia for his performance as Richardo Montalban.
Director and writer Sacha Gervasi presents a very tight and well written film that shows a no holds barred presentation of the rise and fall of this much beloved television star. This is a film you don't want to miss. I cannot give a higher recommendation for this film.

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  1. I was thinking about jumping into this one, after your write up I think you sold me. I did not realize it was based on a true story.


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