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Interview: Nurse Hatchet

 Interview with Nurse Hatchet
By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse and The Wolf Pack
For Horror Bob's Blog

Gore and scares everyone! Eric Morse and The Wolf Pack here. It’s said that third time is a charm and we hope this is the case in this instance….After two failed attempts at interviewing Mary Madcox, aka  Nurse Hatchet, the makeup FX wizardess from The Chainsaw Sally we figured we’d  do a simple, easy, email interview…
Horror Bob Blog: Howdy Mary, or would you rather we call you Nurse Hatchet?
Nurse Hatchet: Hola amigos, yes hehe I am known as Naughty Nurse Hatchet ;)
Some might also know me as Mixtress Mary DeSade..I have many nik-names hehe, they all root back to the many different productions or music projects ive been involved with.
mostly, let me try to explain.. I’m known as Mixtress Mary DeSade when credited for my Musick, soundtrax & bands ect..and I mostly know as Nurse Hatchet when credited on the films & productions I’ve worked on. But of course my favorite Wolf Pack can call me Mary.. or Nurse... Hehe but if you wanna know what I like to be called... You can call me MIXTRESS!! ;) TRIX for short hehe another nik-name ive been dubbed most recently lol. Now say... YES MIXTRESS hahahaha!!! ;-D
Horror Bob Blog: So, YES MIXTRESS...LOL, after a year’s wait, the second season of Chainsaw Sally is finally underway and being enjoyed by the fans. I bet you and the cast are thrilled..

Nurse Hatchet: Ohh yes indeed, its always a wild ride, been a lot of fun along the way, and to finally watch each f the episodes, it feels truly Wonderful im totally Excited, literally bouncing off the walls of my paddedroom hehehe! Everybody involved is very excited, this season has really come back hardcore!
Horror Bob Blog: So what can we expect from this season?
Nurse Hatchet: Well I can tell you this, you can expect the un-expected to happen this season, that’s a promise! This season is going to shake you up! , More Demented, More Erotic, More Blood, More Boobies, More Brutalicious!
This season will take you to a much DARKER place!
 Plus, there was a bigger budget for the gore and tech ect..
So you can absolutely expect to see much more in the GORE!
and of course the Killer soundtrack doesn’t hurt hehehe! ;-D
Horror Bob Blog: This season Sally has competition  in the person of another serial killer named Angel Eyes, who is played by JimmyO Burril. Tell us a little about this.
Nurse Hatchet: Ooohhhh ill tell you right now, Angel Eyes absolutely scares me, I don’t want to give anything away about this, but I will ay this I think JimmyO is Amazing as Angel Eyes, I think as the director he already knows exactly what he has in mind for this character, and he translates that so smoothly and it works, I’m not messing around, Angel Eyes has completely shaken things up in Sally’s little town of Porterville and it has me on the edge of my seat..and I friggin work on the show,, I’m still biting my nails on the edge of my seat lol. ;-D But that’s what I love about Really Good Horror, it actually scares you and takes you for a rollercoaster ride, some get sick & throw up, I am in it for the ride, I don’t get sick, im like a doctor eating my salad while watching an autopsy lol.
pass the popcorn and show me the GUTS, I always say... NO GUTS NO GLORY!!!! ;)
Horror Bob Blog: So, this season it’s a battle of the sexes. Who you think we should put our bets on?
Nurse Hatchet: Hahaha is that a trick question... don’t ever bet against SALLY, as much as I do love Angel Eyes, Sally is my home girl hehe XOXOX
Horror Bob Blog: Also, Debbie Rochon is back as the psychic palm reader Blondie. I bet you’re excited about this?
Nurse Hatchet: Mmmmm yes indeeeeed She is.. Hehe well I’ll tell you right now, everybody involved and all the fans have been ecstatic over April & Debbie being back together again, our favorite GOOD SISTERS back together, it is something very special for all of us XOXOOX I worked on the GOOD SISTERS, in fact that was the first production I worked on for Forbidden Pictures, and believe me when I found out I was involved on a movie starring Debbie & April together, well let’s just say the thought was moistening, like a wet dream cum true hahaha pardon my lust hehehe. ;)   but I do absolutely lust for their scenes together, Oh and that reminds me, ill tell you something very special that means so much to me, Our Mixtress DemonatriX track:
SEDUCTION of the SIREN SONG is being featured for all of the Debbie / Blondie scenes at the Palm Reader shop! and you can expect some very sexxxy steaming hot scenes between April & Debbie, and with my musick set to their scenes ooohhh  hehe I cant even tell you how truly Sexollent & Devilicious I think that is hehe, I just about fainted when I first watched it hehe.  I mean we actually did most of the score music for the soundtrack, but that is one of my favs, being that it has become the Blondie score theme, set to some of the most erotic parts, it couldn’t have been more purrrrrrfect!
Horror Bob Blog: What can we expect from Blondie?
Nurse Hatchet: Well, we are talking about Debbie Rochon, you can expect Debbie Magick from the moment you see her you can feel the room get hotter and more dangerous hehe!!!
Horror Bob Blog: So what can fans expect from the special FX department this season?
Nurse Hatchet: Hehehe well like I said there was a bigger budget on the Gore FX this time around, so count on more brutaliciously creative psychotic insanity, with lots more blood, Mutilations, and severed private parts, oh speaking of severed privates with out giving anything away, there’s a particular scene featuring "Monique Dupree's Boobies"  or should I say Booby hehe well that’s one of the gore FX props I worked on, and oh it is just absolutely sick, maybe one of the most vicious scenes I’ve ever watched.
Horror Bob Blog: What was your favorite FX so far this season?
Nurse Hatchet: Haha well, my 2 favorite FX would be a Chainsaw Enema haha!!
& I have to go back to the Monique Dupree Booby, it is just one of those really sick scenes that scarred my brain. ;)
Horror Bob Blog: What is the FX budget for a typical Chainsaw Sally Season 2 episode?
Nurse Hatchet: Well, I only do additional gore FX props.
So I’m not really sure what the entire budget was on the FX, I only knew about my parts.
and honestly I take very little interest in the money side if the production, my mind stays focused on the creative side of things, thinking about money mostly just gives me a headache. lol.
Horror Bob Blog: Who were your major influences when it came to getting into makeup FX?
Nurse Hatchet: This is a question I was really looking forward to answering, especially after my last interview hehe, I’m glad to have a chance to really go into it, I had a number of major influences in gore FX. Starting with Tom Savini, he was my first inspiration, he is definitely the reason I got into doing make up & Gore! and the more I began to pay attention to the end credits of all my favorite horror films starting at about 10 years old, my favorites became Rob Bottin, Dick Smth, Rick Baker, John Carl Buechler, Screaming Mad George, Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger, Ray Harryhausen, Lon Chaney, oh the list goes on..
Horror Bob Blog: Another thing fans probably don’t know is that you and your band Mixtress Demonatrix are doing the music score for Season 2. Please tell the readers about this.
Nurse Hatchet: Yes indeeed, well actually there’s a pretty good chance all the Mixtress DemonatriX fans know that hehe, Infact my band has been topping the industrial music charts for over 2 years strait,  when I say 2 years strait, I don’t mean a few songs here & there, I mean every song we released went strait to number one..and stayed there until 'we" removed it to release a new song hahaha that is a fact. and that has something to do with how we started doing the music on the Sally show, I pointed out our numbers on the charts to JimmyO, and I think being a drummer and musician himself actually took notice of what me & my band were doing, and that is something very special, infact music is almost always the topic of conversation when I talk with JimmyO.. I was personally asked by Jimmy to work on all the major score themes for the show, and having my music along with a number of our DemonatriX trax being a part of the CHAINSAW SALLY universe is a dream come true for me!
Honestly, I was pushing for that because music comes first in my life before the gore FX, I was much more focused on the soundtrax & scoring this season then I was on the gore FX props, I mean I have love for both and that’s why ive spent most my life doing them but music has always come first, so while we began with Forbidden Pictures doing our Gore FX props, all along I was trying to push us towards the music side of it, and that’s because I truly always believed that my Musick & Forbidden Pictures were meant to compliment each-other like a tasty mixed drink that goes down smooooth hehe, or kinda like Tim Burton & Danny Elfman, but with a seriously Devilicious & Dirty Darkside!

Horror Bob Blog: Also, you have a CD out. Please tell us about this.

Nurse Hatchet: Aaahhh Yes!! the new album is titled: "Something Wicked This Way CUMS"! it's really a string of songs that tell a story if your paying attention, its all actually based on our upcumming comicbook story. So I cant give away to much details before we unleash the comic, but I will explain this as best possible. the album through each song tells a story of revenge, revenge achieved through seduction, sex, or any means necessary. Put it like this, something very bad happened to the Nurse, and there's gonna' be Hell to Pay!

Horror Bob Blog: What were your major influences in creating your music?
Nurse Hatchet: Ohh great question, I really have a wide variety of influences & inspiration in music. Mostly because I collect film soundtrax, which tend to offer a cool variety of music genres & styles on each soundtrack. I’ll start with my favorite soundtrack artists.. Stewart Copeland, Danny Elfman, Wendy Carlos, Alien Jourgensen, Angelo Badalamenti, Basil Poledouris, Ennio Morricone, Trent Reznor, David Bowie XOXO and lets see, my most infuential bands were... Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Alice Cooper, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, GWAR, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Lords of Acid, My life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Electric Hellfire Club, Nailbomb, Metallica, Megadeath, Suicidal Tendencies, M.O.D., Mr.Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Flogging Molly, Slayer, S.O.D., D.R.I., Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, L.AR.D., Circle Jerks, Lead Into Gold, Acid Horse, PailHead, Skatenigs, Wall of Voodoo, the Police, Sting, Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, David Gilmore, Santana, WAR, Robin Trowers,  oh theres too many to
Horror Bob Blog: Where can the fans find your CD?
Nurse Hatchet: right now the CD is availible on EBAY, just search engine Mixtress can also get the complete DemonatriX album downloadz & remix Killection @:
Plus get the "Something Wicked This Way CUMS" album downloadz @:
Horror Bob Blog: You are also doing a brand new score for JimmyO Burril’s new upcoming production of his stage play Silver Scream. Tell us about this.
Nurse Hatchet: Yes indeed!!! ;-D We are re-creating a few of the songs from the original line-up by request of JimmyO,  and I happen to love Silver Scream so as you can imagine I am very very very excited about doing this!
Horror Bob Blog: Also, Nurse Hatchet has made it into the comic book world. Tell us about this.

Nurse Hatchet: hehehe that is correct, my first work on a comicbook was in Virus Comix, BLOKES TOMB OF HORROR #666. which featured a number of short horror stories, including a story by Lyndal Ferguson titled DR.BANG & THE NAUGHTY NURSE! I collaborated on the story for all of the "Nurse Hatchet" dialog parts. and Lyndal did the Artwork, Jason Crawley did the Lettering. I fell in love with this story, and the entire comic, it is full of so many excellent short horror stories, classic style similar to EC Comics! I loved this so much, that I demanded our comic-threesome come back together for the official Nurse Hatchet comic! which is in the worx right now, it has become a DemonatriX Double Feature comic! "Origin of NURSE HATCHET" & "Nurse Hatchet meats CHAINSAW SALLY" I don’t want to give anything away about the stories, but I will tell you this, its going to take you on a twisted tale of lust for revenge, and offer up a deviliciously tasty romantic encounter between the Nurse & Sally, along with a fun game of Hunting! ;)
Horror Bob Blog: What’s your favorite modern horror comic? I think I know what one the is…LOL
Nurse Hatchet: Hhmmm modern comic.. honestly my favs are mostly vintage, I own the complete collection of the 1970s run of WereWolf By Night. and I have a pretty decent collection of the original run of GhostRider. as for more modern comics, I really love horror comics mostly, especially based on horror films, or horror film characters, so I have the original run of the Army of Darkness,  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Pinhead, Leatherface, Jason goes to Hell, Jason vs Leatherface, PuppetMaster, Faust, HellBoy, Halloween, I have the original CREEPSHOW book, hehe oh theres so many to mention..I love super hero comics as well,  I’ve always been in love with the entire BATMAN universe, and all the Gotham characters, especially Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman & the Joker!! but honestly im not particular to comic brands, I love DC as much as I love MARVEL, or DARKHORSE ect ect ect.. Somemore of my favs are Spiderman, Superman, the Hulk, Kang the Conquerer, Dr.Doom, the Flash, Thor, Wolverine, this is gonna sound stupid because she wasn’t actually a real comic book character, but I really love FIRESTAR from the old Spiderman & his amazing friends cartoon hehe.oh there’s just too many to name, all such awesome characters & stories.
Horror Bob Blog: So tell us a little bit about who Nurse Hatchet is.

Nurse Hatchet: well, a lot of folks tend to assume I am a Nurse...hahaha hello folks..
I am a Psycho wearing a Nurses Uniform hahaha, get it. escaped from the hospital, well... you'll find out once you read the comicbook. 
  Oh, do you mean, tell you about me. lol..well actually that pretty much sums it up, I am crazy, legally diagnosed. hahaha. and somehow, I managed to work my insane ways into the independent music & film industry hehehe, which only makes sense because I wouldn’t fit in anwhere else, I mean, In reality im so shy I can barely talk to people. That’s not a joke, im sure it sounds funny, especially if you seen our musick videos lol.. but you see that’s me "in character" with out the mask & the uniform, im just a geeky skater chick lol.. cyber nerd lol.. that’s me. I break free completely of all my inhibitions & boundaries when I become the Nurse, that’s who the Nurse is, she is Mary MadCox Unleashed, she is what hides inside mi dark mind, all the sexual thoughts and fantasies, all the blood lust and revenge,  I had a pretty harsh childhood, and went through some pretty twisted stuff growing up. I joined the Navy at 17 years old to run away from home.
I was drugged at a party and raped, I don’t really want to go into details but it happened the first year away from home, so I started taking my weapons training very seriously, also took a few extra self defense classes, which all came into play, only a few months later I was attacked again, but this time I fought back and got away. that was scary enough, but then it happened again, I was chased and attacked, I fought my way free. all in a period of 2 years I was raped & then survived two more attemps on me after learning to defend myself. but my first attack, when I was raped, I guess this kinda f@#ked me up in the head, I suffer from very intense scary bad dreams, and heavy anxiety, a fear of people, oh the list goes but rather then going out and killing people..which I have thought of doing many times for the reasons of revenge lol..I learned to translate my emotions into my song lyrics & the comicbook storylines & a number of creative outlets I focus on, writing, painting, doing the gore fx props.. and I’m not ashamed or afraid to talk about what I’ve been through because I have the hope other women will read this and realize its not a perfect world out there, its not all innocent, bad things happen, and there are very bad people out there, so if I can inspire anything on this topic, it would be for women to learn how to defend yourselves, its so important to know how to fight back, don’t be a victim. be a survivor!
So now you see, the comic story is actually a bit more personal to me then most folks might realize. I focus my psychosis, the pain & darkness of the memories into the stories, & especially into my musick!  for me it’s really like some kind of ancient tribal therapy of the soul. lol much like self-madicating hahaha. "Bartender another round please" lol..
speaking of tribal beliefs, something else about the Mask I wear, see there are a number of different tribes all aroud the world, the strange thing is out of all these separate different tribes from different cultures, almost all believed in the thing called the Mask of Transformation. this was a mask either found or created by a person, which once they would wear the mask they would become the truth, hidden deep with in themselves, it could be of great strength & power, good or eveil, its really just what you are inside and completely amplified on high.
Well, now you know im crazy hahahaha.. hope this gave you a little taste of the Monster that lives in my brain.. LOL
Horror Bob Blog: Does the mask and your costume have any special significance?
Nurse Hatchet: well, see answer above for what the Mask truly means to me personally.
 plus, the answer to that question will have to be found out in the comic book hehehe. ;)
Horror Bob Blog: So what type of horror films do you like?
Nurse Hatchet: oh I love'em all!!! I guess my favorite blend would be Erotic Horror Comedy.I mostly only get into independent horror. but there is once and a while a decent big budget horror
Horror Bob Blog: What is your number one favorite horror film?
Nurse Hatchet: oh no, this is such a hard question hahaha, theres too many..i can never just pick one...Ok, you asked for it, im afraid ill have to name off my top favorites ok..
Ofcourse I will start with CHAINSAW SALLY & The GOOD SISTERS hehe...Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, FrankenHooker, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Phantasm, Hellraiser, Blood Feast 1 & 2, Blood Sucking Freaks, Wizard of Gore, Gore Gore Girls, Innocent Blood, LifeForce, Puppet Master, They Live, Prince of Darkness. Dead Alive, Army of Darkness, Wicked Lake, Demons 1 & 2, Night of the Demons,  Fright Night 1 & 2 , The Howling, American Werwolf in London, Midnight 1 & 2, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead. Oohhh I could keep going.. but I need to get in the bubblebath hehe, so lets finish these questions.. but yes those are a few of my top favs in horror for sure! XOXOX
Horror Bob Blog: Where can fans get more info about you and your band?
Nurse Hatchet: you can go to:
Horror Bob Blog: Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans?
Nurse Hatchet: absolutely, get your bootays over to the CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW season IIand watch it NOW,...I SAID NOW!!! ;-D
also check out the GOOD SISTERS Psycho Sexual Directors Cut DVD.... Nurses Orders!! the Good Sisters DvD
And remember go to EBAY.COM and search engine MIXTRESS DEMONATRIX, you will find the official CD there. Plus you can have your CD personalized to you, autographed by yours truly Naughty Nurse Hatchet, signed & sealed with a Kiss.
 to get the complete DemonatriX album downloadz Killection  lick the kink below:
 A Visit to the Nurses Office!  Plus be sure to visit me at facebook & twitter..
 And keep your eyes pealed for the upcumming comicbook double feature!
and cumming later this year, Mixtress DemonatriX Album II: SOMETHING WICKED SHE BECOMES! So Stay Looney Tuned ;-D
Horror Bob Blog: Both The Wolf Pack and I would like to thank Nurse Hatchet for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview.
Nurse Hatchet: thank you truly for having me, I loved every question on this interview, and had a lot of fun answering these.
big hugs & kisses for my Wolf Pack XOXOXO ;-D


Love Sincerely
Mary DeSade MadCox
Naughty Nurse Hatchet
This is The Horror Bob Blog signing out Keep on Creepin'

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