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Interview with William Pattison, Aka Eric Morse

 Here is the first of the five interviews that Robert did on his Overblog site.......

Interview with William Pattison Aka Eric Morse
By Robert "Horror Bob Masters
For Horror Bob's Blog
For my first interview I had the pleasure of chatting with a very controversial figure in the world of Friday the 13th. Fans of F13 either love him or hate him. There are even hordes of horror fans that have banded together to harass and malign him publically. He has gotten on the wrong side of at least two horror actresses. He is nicknamed The Harlan Ellison of Friday the 13th. His real name is William Pattison, but fans of his Camp Crystal Lake novels know him by his pen name, Eric Morse.
Boy, was this an interesting and unexpected long interview. It was so interesting that I decided not to edit it, so this is the interview in it entirety
(The following is from a phone interview I recorded with William. I have to say that this will be my last phone interview because I had a hell of a time transcribing this. Nope, from now on it’s email interviews only for me.)
Horror Bob: Well, William, I have to say I’m thrilled you agreed to do this interview.
William: It’s no problem, and please call me Bill.
Horror Bob: Cool. Well, let’s get started. So, you have the distinction of being the first author to write original Friday the 13th novels.
William: Yes, indeed. Before my Camp Crystal Lake novels came out the only Friday the 13th novels being published were novelizations of the movies.
Horror Bob: Why were your books released as young adult fiction?
William: Ask Berkley Books, or Penguin Putnam as they are known now. I was just a hired writer. I had no control on how they published the books. I didn’t know they were being published as young adult fiction until after I submitted the first draft of Mother’s Day and the editor went off on me for the amount of gore in the murder scenes.
Horror Bob: How did you get involved with the books?
William: Well, I actually got to thank a lovely lady by the name of Charisma Jones. She worked with me at Kmart as an early morning stock person. A member of her family, I think it was either her brother or cousin, worked for Berkley Books and mentioned to her that Berkley was looking for a writer to write the series. Charisma immediately thought of me.
Horror Bob: Why?
William: I worked with Charisma in the housewares department filling shelves really early in the morning before the store opened. It was really boring work. To entertain each other we chatted about sci fi and horror. Charisma knew I knew Friday the 13th like the back of my hand. I’d let her read some of the chapters of the sci fi novel I was writing, The Traveler. She was so impressed with my work she thought I would be the perfect choice to write these books. Obviously, Berkley Books agreed with her.
Horror Bob: Jason Voorhees doesn’t appear in your books, why was that?
William: That was Berkley books decision. Originally, the first book in the series was going to be The Mask of Jason. In that book Jason’s mask possesses a hunter and by killing people the hunter is able to bring Jason back from Hell. The executives at Berkley loved the concept of Jason’s mask possessing people, but the rejected the treatment.
Horror Bob: Why was that?
William: Because in The Mask of Jason treatment I brought in characters from Friday the 13th: The Series. Supposedly, New Line didn’t get the rights to the TV series. Also, the executives decided they didn’t want to bring Jason back immediately. So, I ended up having to alter my other treatments and write one additional treatment to make up for the loss of The Mask of Jason, and thus the haunted hockey mask storyline was born.
Horror Bob: Why did Berkley Books only publish four books?
William: The books didn’t sell very well. I blame that on Berkley Books. By putting them in the young adult fiction category Berkley made the books inaccessible to the people they should have been written for, the horror fans. Also, Berkley didn’t make any effort to promote the books. I had been promised book signings and appearances at horror conventions. Berkley did none of this and I paid the price for it.
Horror Bob: What you mean?
William: When I signed the contract to do the books I was given a $1,500 advance. I would get the rest of my money if the books reached a minimum sale level. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the sales and I ended up losing the rest of my money.
Horor Bob: You’re kidding me. You wrote those books and only got $1,500 out of it. That’s ridiculous.
William: You’re telling me. I nearly killed myself writing those books and I got shit and ended up spending a month writing treatments for a second series of books only to find out that I was wasting my time.
Horror Bob: Besides the four books published by Berkley Books you’ve also written a fifth book which you are publishing on the web for the fans for free.
William: Yep, The Mask of Jason Voorhees.
Horror Bob: But why didn’t Berkley Books publish it. From what I gather your books are extremely popular with the fans on
William: Berkley lost the rights in the early 90’s. I tried to offer the book to Black Flame when they took over the rights to do the books, but they weren’t interested in it. They wanted me to write a novel that would fit in with the F13 books they were publishing. I respectfully decline.
Horror Bob: Why? Things might’ve been better with Black Flame.
William: They weren’t interested in my style of writing.
Horror Bob: So, you went on to do an internet radio show.
William: Actually that was a bit later.
Horror Bob: Tell me how that got started?
William: Amusingly enough, it was because I got my first internet radio interview. It was a show called The Chad and Hank Show. After I was on the show, the co-host on it Hank Sullivan encouraged me to start my own internet radio show, thus The Eric Morse Show was born.
Horror Bob: I thought your show is called The Eric Morse Project?
William: My current show is. The Eric Morse Show lasted less than six months.
Horror Bob: What happened?
William: Hank Sullivan verbally attacked a guest on the show and then acted like a total fucktard and insulted me.
Horror Bob: Why the hell did he do that?
William: You would need to have to ask him. I still don’t know what the fuck happened. I had an actor friend of mine on the show, Greg Russell Tiderington. Greg was talking about how he disliked his costume in a film we did together, The Horror Seasons, when Hank out of the blue called Greg a fucking fag and hung up on the show. Later on in the show he came back on and called me a bunch of four letter words left again. The next day my email was blasted with complaints from fans of the show. After Hank left I did three more shows and put The Eric Morse Show to bed. After that I contacted a few friends with the idea of doing four individual monthly shows under the banner of The Eric Morse Project.
Horror Bob: That sounds like a very original idea.
William: Actually there are other shows on Blog Talk Radio that do pretty much the same thing, except that they do it on a weekly basis. I figured if I had four individual shows with four individual groups each group could focus on their individual show and use the month between shows to create the best show possible.
Horror Bob: And has it worked out?
William: With our current crew I think we do a good job. When I planned the show I thought that having individual groups would cut the work load on me drastically down. When I was working with Hank on The Eric Morse Show I did all the planning on the show and did 95% of the guest gathering. What I didn’t realize with The Eric Morse Project was that I multiplied these duties by four, and though my crew helps quite a bit I still firmly control all the shows.
Horror Bob: So, what happened to Hank Sullivan? Or do you know?
William: Last time I heard about Hank he was co-hosting with I Alexander Nash on the internet radio show Death By DVD. I got curious and listened to one of the shows and honestly I wasn’t impressed. Hank spent the show insulting his audience and throwing out four letter words every few moments.
Horror Bob: But isn’t that what you do on your show, The Eric Morse Extreme Show?
William: Hank does it mindlessly, just to be foul. I get harsh and vent at about internet trolls and other fucktards that get off on bullying people.
Horror Bob: Didn’t you recently do a show on the state of Friday the 13th fan fiction.
William: Yes I did. I have an issue with people calling fan scripts fan fiction. When I think of fan fiction I think of novels, short stories, and poetry, not scripts. I consider scripts as short hand that lacks the details that a story or novel written in pros provides. It’s purely laziness on the side of the writers. Fiction is a craft and a craft needs to be crafted. A script is a rough outline that a filmmaker, actors, and film crew uses as a guide in the creation a visual play. It’s not intended to be read as literature.
Horror Bob: Well, Bill, I have to say, that I now understand why you’ve gotten such a strong reputation in the horror community and why there are a lot of people who don’t exactly like you. There’s a lot of talk around the horror community and a lot of it isn’t exactly complimentary.
William: Oh, you mean the propaganda started by people like Wil Keiper at Horror Yearbook or The Morse Bashers from Bloody-Disgusting? Or are you talking about the ramblings of false friends and backstabbers like Elissa Dowling, Hank Sullivan, or possibly even Michelle Shields?
Horror Bob: That’s right. You recently ended an eight year friendship with actress Michelle Shields. A very nasty affair I believe. Would you like to tell us about that?
William: For one thing it was Michelle who ended the friendship. If people are really interested they can check my notes section on Facebook and look in my picture section for a certain picture I posted as proof of an assertion. Look at the comments under that picture. It tells a story all its own. What I will say is that I had thought Michelle Shields was a friend. When I got the chance to do my first horror convention, Days of the Dead, I finally met in person Michelle and we hung out at the convention. I thought we hit it off and our friendship had solidified. Because of this I went out of my way to help her after the convention.
Horror Bob: You’re talking about The Mad Men Casting Call contest.
William: Yes, exactly. You did your homework.
Horror Bob: That was easy. You’ve mentioned it several times in the last few weeks.
William: Anyway, I went way out of my way to help Michelle. I took time during my break at work, and at home on the weekends, to vote for her on a daily basis. I set up twelve threads on message boards asking people to vote for her. I got on Facebook and pushed people to keep voting for her for the entire six week period of the contest.
Horror Bob: Wow. That was a hell of a lot of support. Can I be your friend?
William: (with a chuckle) The thing is, Bob, I help my friends. It doesn’t matter if they are male of female. I cherish my friendships and I hope it’s reciprocated. In the case of Michelle Shields I was royally disappointed.
Horror Bob: I’m not to clear on all of that. She didn’t support you on a contest you were in or something?
William: Yes, The Podcast Awards. I had put my internet radio show, The Eric Morse Project up for nomination for The Podcast Awards. In order to be nominated my show needed a large number of votes. On Facebook I had setup a event page and sent out invitations to all of my 1,200 friends on Facebook. In a few cases, including Michelle, I sent more personal invitations. Anyway, I found out soon after that not only did Michelle not support me, but she went out of her way to support three other podcasts, including Reel Movies, For Reel People, which is done by my Eric Morse Project co-host Derek Young. By the way, it was Derek who suggested I put The Eric Morse in the contest in the first place. So, anyway, after everything I did for her, Michelle gave me a royal fuck you as a thank you. Later on, when we were supposedly trying to talk things out she made excuses about how she got a hundred emails a day and didn’t have the time to help everyone. She also mentioned that every time I showed her support in The Mad Men Contest she had posted me a “thank you for the support” message on Facebook. Wow I’m overwhelmed. I think after eight years of friendship I deserved a bit more than that. I think when she got that invitation to support me, and my show, it should have been a no brainer. But obviously I was stupid to think that.
Horror Bob: I don’t think so. I think if you’ve known somebody that long, and did that much for them, you would think they’d be more than happy to return the favor. I’m with you on that, my brother. That is totally fucked up on her side.
William: Yeah, well, I’ve given her a hell of a lot of support. I’ve had her on my radio show a number of times to help her promote her films. Hell, all she had to do is ask and I went out of my way to make room on my show schedule to get her friends that were doing the documentary Chasing Hollywood on my show Bloodbath Radio at a moments notice. Oh, and when I brought that up to her she made it out like she had done me big a favor. Excuse me.
Horror Bob: So, an eight year friendship ended over that? It sounds a bit petty to me.
William: No, obviously it wasn’t just that. I was pissed and a bit hurt by that, but I would’ve gotten over it and the friendship would’ve continued. The thing that royally tanked things was when I found about her private Facebook profile for her so called real friends.
Horror Bob: I remember you mentioned that in your statement on Facebook. How did you find out about that?
William: It was by accident. Michelle made the mistake of using her supposed secret profile to comment on a mutual friend’s wall post. I saw that comment was by Michelle M Shields instead of Michelle Shields, like all her other comments had been. It also had a picture I’d never seen of Michelle as an avatar, so I was intrigued. Another friend of mine, April Burril has multiple profiles due to the fact that she is extremely popular. I thought, like April, Michelle had reached her profile limits and had a supplemental profile. When I went on there I found out I was wrong. I found out I was being lied to and used.
Horror Bob: This is another thing I don’t get, how is it you felt like that?
William: She said it herself. That profile was for people she considered her real friends. In one of the comments she posted on this profile she stated that her other profile was for industrial contacts and people she used for promotion.
Horror Bob: You are sure she said she was using people for promotion and not that she used the other profile to promote her career?
William:  As I said, she quite clearly stated in a comment to a person she had added to her real friends profile that her other profile was for people she used for promotion.
Horror Bob: Wow, that really sucks. I’d be pissed as hell too.
William: Oh yeah. Then later when Michelle and I were trying to talk things out, she told me that she actually thought of me as an internet friend, which is better than she thought of most people.
Horror Bob: Excuse me.
 William: Yeah, she thought more of me than her industry contacts, but I was still beneath her so called real friends. I felt so special.
Horror Bob: What a bitch. Sorry about the French.
 William: No problem. But, it gets better. Also during my trip through Michelle’s hidden profile I found out Michelle had a boyfriend she neglected to mention to me or other people as well..
Horror Bob: Since reading about this in your statement I wanted to ask you about it. A lot of performers keep their personal lives to themselves. Why was that such an issue?
William: Because Michelle presented herself as a single unattached woman. On her My Space she has herself down as single. At the convention I was given the impression I was hanging around with an unattached woman, which was a lie. While we were hanging out Michelle was flirting with me. She was hugging me rubbing up against me and even kissed me on a number of occasions. If I had known she had a boyfriend at the time I would have questioned these actions a bit more. I had just thought that she and I had hit it off and that she really liked me. Hell, before I left I went to see her and she hugged me and gave me a kiss. I even said that if she ever came to the Bay Area that I’d take her out to Mel’s Diner in San Francisco. I would have never disrespected her relationship with her boyfriend in that way if I’d known. Also, I was pissed because I had known her for eight years and she had never once gave me a clue. It was always that she was so dedicated to her film career that she didn’t have time for meaningful relationship. What a crock.
Horror Bob: Well, that’s the way actresses are. They use their sex to get men hot so they can encourage them to buy their films.
William: I’m sorry, Bob, but I won’t accept that as a blanket statement. I know several actresses and people in the film business that don’t have to sell themselves like a cheap whore. Look at Debbie Rochon. Debbie is indeed a sexy lady, but it’s not her sexiness that stands out, it’s her skill and talent as a performer that shines. Hell, look at my dear friends The Soska Sisters. These two ladies have overwhelming personalities and talents. The fact that they are incredibly beautiful women is just an added bonus. But here is the kicker both Debbie and the Soskas are in committed relationships and that doesn’t deter from people appreciating them as talents or as sexy women, but it does remind people to show them and their partners some respect and consideration. At Days of the Dead both Derek Young and I noticed several gentlemen, including a couple featured guests trying to put the moves on Michelle. If she had been honest about her relationship some of these guys might have gotten the message and kept their distance.
Horror Bob: I doubt it.
William: But still, if she had been honest I wouldn’t feel like I was played with and manipulated now. You know what’s the saddest thing about this situation, Bob?
Horror Bob: What’s that, Bill?
William: Besides meeting my crew. Hanging out with Michelle was the best part of my time at Days of the Dead, but now all that’s gone. The fact that she lied to me and the fact that she is now publically denying that she even hung out with me and my crew has destroyed all those good feelings associated with that memory. She couldn’t even leave me with that little bit of joy. That’s so fucking cruel and heartless.
Horror Bob: I’m sorry, Bill. Why do you think she’s denying that? It seems stupid to me since there were pictures and videos taken at the convention and people saw you two together.
William: Ask her. I don’t know what the fuck’s going through her head. Maybe she figures lover boy wouldn’t appreciate the fact that she gave another guy that much attention. I don’t know. I know he’d royally love the fact that after convention closed for the day on the Friday that she spent her evening in some guy’s hotel room with a group of  people getting drunk on jello shots. I wonder what happened there.
Horror Bob: Jello shots? Like jello treats made with liquor?
William: Yep. She came into the vendors room with a nasty hangover the next morning and told me and Derek all about it. Oh, which reminds me, she says that she wasn’t in the vendors room at all on Saturday, which is another bullshit lie. She still had her table in the vendors room for three hours before she was moved into the independent performer’s room.
Horror Bob: Well, as much as I’d love to hear more of juicy details about Miss Shields. I think I’d like to hear why Elissa Dowling has publically called you a stalker and says you have been trying to destroy her career.
William: Elissa Dowling is a lying, backstabbing bitch. Her career is shit because she is a shitty actress. Simple as that.
Horror Bob: But why does she blame you?
William: Because six years ago, after a bunch of jackasses from Bloody-Disgusting hacked my My Space profile and trashed it, Elissa decided to trash talk me behind my back to get in good with them. I put her in her place.
Horror Bob: Wow, how did this get started?
William: Well, I was going on message boards promoting Cory Stevens film adaptation of my book, Mother’s Day. Cory had suggested I post a thread on Bloody-Disgusting, since it was a popular site. I did just that. A little after I started posting updates, the members of the board started to attack me. At first they attacked the film. Then they started getting personal and attacking me. I finally left them a note to grow up and abandoned the thread. Three days later I went on my My Space only to find all my info erased and my profile full of nothing but Bloody-Disgusting banners.
Horror Bob: Excuse me?
William: Yep. Right after I reported the incident one of the guys that ran the Bloody-Disgusting My Space profile started attacking me on my profile. Because this jackass used his own personal profile to attack me, My Space deleted his profile and banned him.
Horror Bob: What’s this got to do with Elissa?
William: Soon after the attack on my My Space by the members of Bloody-Disgusting, Elissa started heavily promoting Bloody-Disgusting on her profile. Then, I started hearing from friends that someone calling themselves Razorected was calling me a hack and talking smack about me and Cory’s film in chat rooms all over the net. I realized this had to do with Elissa because her email address at the time was I sent her an email on My Space asking her what the hell was going on and she immediately blocked me and unfriended me. I think that was very telling. Don’t you?
Horror Bob: And that was it?
William: Hell, no. For the next two months my friends kept informing me that Razorected was still going in the chats and attacking me. So, I decided that if Elissa was going to be that much of a bitch it was time to put her in her place.
Horror Bob: What did you do?
William: Oh, I went around the net and grabbed up any reviews of her films I could find and posted them on message boards all over the nets under the title Avoid like the Plague.
Horror Bob: Bad reviews I guess.
William: The funny thing, Bob, is that that was all there was.(He chuckled) I even put in a challenge for someone to find a good review of her work. Unfortunately, this is what started Wil Keiper pulling his shit.
Horror Bob: Yes, the guy that runs Horror Yearbook.
William: The sociopathic jackass that runs Horror Yearbook. That fucktard has been a thorn in my side ever since. I had to report him to the FBI because he stole my identity and used my personal information to open accounts on message boards and use my real name to post threads making me out like I was a child molester. The arrogant bastard made me aware of it and I had a hell of a time getting that shit pulled down. It ended up severing my relationship with the message board Horror Movie Fans because the administrator of that board, Foo, actually supported Keiper’s actions and refused to delete the threads. That fuck, Foo, had the nerve to tell me to get a thicker skin. I don’t think either he or Keiper liked it when I got the FBI involved.
Horror Bob: I wouldn’t think so.
William: Well, those fucktards deserved it. Keiper even started causing me shit when I was trying to find my friend Mandy Beltran.
Horror Bob: Oh, you mean Dark Spider, right.
William: Yes. Mandy disappeared from the net three years ago and some friends of hers asked me to use the resources of my business, Brass, to try and find out what happened to her. I’ve spent the last three years checking public records, contacting people, and asking people for help. One thing that I was also doing that Keiper and his asshole minions kept fucking up was that I was posting threads in message boards asking that if people had any info about Mandy that they could either email me or call me.
Horror Bob: What did they do?
William: Keiper had his jackasses caused so much crap on those threads that they forced the administrators of the message boards pull the threads down. Currently I have only four of those threads left out of the thirty of them I created.
Horror Bob: Why does Wil Keiper do this? It sounds insane.
William: Keiper and his people think it’s funny to do this crap. Hell, after I got my head shaved for charity and Keiper had some of his buddies trashed my friend Ruhina’s business, The Daily Boost.
Horror Bob: I saw the video. You had your head shaved for kids with cancer.
William: Yeah, Saint Baldrick’s, and Keiper and his thugs toilet papered and wrote nasty comments in shaving cream all over my friend’s coffee bar after the event. Keiper didn’t like the fact the my friend Ruhina had named a coffee drink in my honor and was giving people 25% off on the drink if they made a donation to Saint Baldrick’s.
Horror Bob: That’s awful.
William: Oh, and I recently got some info that leads me to think Keiper also had something to do with Mandy disappearing from the net.
Horror Bob: And, what’s that?
William: I can’t say right now, because I made a promise, but there will be a time when I will make this public. I promise you that, and if I find out there is any truth in it I will make it my life’s work to bring Wil Keiper down.
Horror Bob: Well, this has been a very interesting interview. Originally, when I planned this I thought we’d just talk about your radio show and your books, but this has been a lot more interesting. I think this is a lot more revealing of the person you are than who you are as the artist. Thank you for being so incredible honest.
William: No problem, Bob. That’s the type of person I am. I don’t like bullshit and I don’t like false, shallow, or egotistical people. They’re a waste of my time and energy.
Horror Bob: Well, this will bring to a close this interview. Hopefully this will be the beginning of many more interesting interviews.
This is Horror Bob saying, Keep on Creepin’

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