Sunday, July 29, 2012

Movie Review: Familiar

Movie Review: Familiar
By William Pattison, aka Eric Morse
For The Horror Bob Blog
As a reviewer, I rarely do reviews on short films. I mean, after all, usually these films only get limited festival runs and rarely get put on DVD, except when they’re jammed in with a mix of other short films both good and bad, in compilation editions. But, when producer Zach Green contacted me on Facebook and asked me to check out his latest short film, Familiar, and do the review, I thought why not. I was pleasantly surprised.
Writer/director Richard Powell’s short film, Familiar, tells the story of John Dodd, who appears at first as a middle aged man who is going through a mid-life crisis and hates his family and his life. We get this idea because we hear a voiceover that from the start of the film says critical and negative observations about John’s life. Supposedly, John wants his freedom. Unfortunately, we find out that his wife, Charlotte, is pregnant. The voice, which we assume, is John’s thoughts convince John that his wife, who already has a teenaged daughter by him, is trying to further imprison him with this unborn child. We see John as he end the pregnancy by spiking his wife’s food with abortion drugs. After his wife loses the baby she suggests they try again. It is at this point that we find out that the voiceover isn’t John but something else. The voice tries to convince John to overdose his wife, but John refuses. But, what is this voice? Does John have a split personality?  Is it simply John’s negative side expressing its self? The truth we find is much more horrifying and leads to a very bloody ending.
This film is well written and well acted. John Nolan gives an excellent performance as John Dodd and as the voice of the other. The FX for the final reveal is top rate and definitely provides the payoff. If you like good characterization, an intriguing plot twist, and bloody gore you will not be disappointed.
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