Friday, July 27, 2012

Interview with Derek Young

Here is the Fourth interview Robert did...

Interview with Derek Young
By Robert "Horror Bob" Masters
For Horror Bob's Blog

For my interview this week I have the pleasure of having a talented young independent filmmaker and internet radio host, Derek Young.

Horror Bob: Hello, Derek, welcome.

Horror Bob: So, Derek, what sparked your interest in filmmaking?

Derek Young: I had a friend who got me into it. We started making shorts and my love grew. Eventually I wanted to do one to prove I could do it on my own and it turned into my first feature Family Property. Now I can't stop it's a passion and all I want to do.

Horror Bob: Who is your favorite filmmaker?

Derek Young: I would have to say a mix of four would be right Lloyd Kaufman, Tobe Hooper, George Romero, and Quentin Tarantino.

Horror Bob: What film got you interested in grindhouse?
 Derek Young: I'd have to say The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Horror Bob: Who is your favorite actor in grindhouse films?
 Derek Young: I would have to say Danny Trejo in Machete was one of my favorite performances.

Horror Bob: What was your opinion of Rodriguez and Tarantino’s film Grindhouse? Did it capture the feeling of the grindhouse films you love?
 Derek Young: Very much so. I mean people who didn't get it just didn't but I went to theaters and watched it the way it was meant to be seen and it captured every essence of an obscure drive in grindhouse film.

Horror Bob: Tell the readers about your first film, Family Property.
 Derek Young: Well it's simple a father knows he's gonna get busted by the cops and killed fighting them. So he tells his son it's his responsibility to protect the Family Property at any cost and if someone steps on it to kill them. 10 years after his death people start coming on the property and a killing spree ensues. It has Jeremy Ambler from the Walking Dead, Alexander Isaiah Thomas from Cabin Fever 2 John Birmingham and Lloyd Kaufman as my celebs who are in the film and then there's a great other cast. Family Property by the way was picked up for distribution by World Wide Multi Media and will be release later on in 2012.

Horror Bob: Tell us about your second film, Midnight Matinee Psycho.
 Derek Young: There's so much to say I'd have to answer this with go to the website to see all of it.

Horror Bob: In Midnight Matinee Psycho there are a large number of cameos by horror personalities. How did this come about?
Derek Young: Funny you ask that cause the answer is I met them and I just asked if they would do it. I had contracts with me incase they said yes.

Horror Bob: In your film you have a reunion of members of the cast of the film Madman, please tell us about this.
Derek Young: Well first I reunited them with an interview on my blogtalk Radio show Reel Movies For Reel People. Then I got the balls to ask them to be in the film and they said yes.

Horror Bob: What is your next film project?
Derek Young: Well right now I am working on getting my film Josie off the ground which by the way if you visit Midnight Matinee Psycho's site theres links to each of my projects just click on the posters.

Horror Bob: You are the host of the internet radio show Reel Movies for Reel People. Tell us about this. How did you get started?
 Derek Young: Well I was interviewed on one The Eric Morse Project and thought it'd be fun as I always wanted to try my hand at radio and so I did.

Horror Bob: You also host The Eric Morse Project show Bloodbath Radio. How did this come about?
 Derek Young: After being a regular call in and becoming friends with Eric when he took one of his shows off air he approached me with the idea of me and him doing a show and we came up with the name and the rest is history.

Horror Bob: How is it working with Eric Morse? What kind of person is he?
Derek Young: It's been a blast and Eric is a good friend lately he's been trashed by a few people but that’s just cause they wish they had half his class when it comes to being there for fans and friends.

Horror Bob: Several people have called your boss, Eric, some very unflattering names like stalker, degenerate, sicko, and pervert. What is your opinion on this?

 Derek Young: They are all idiots. These people judge and don't know. Hell Eric has saved peoples lives and done a lot for many people. The degenerates are those casting those stones.

Horror Bob: An actress has publically called you and your fellow crew members of The Eric Morse Project liars in regard to your statements regarding her interactions with yourself and Eric Morse at the convention, Days of the Dead. What do you have to say about this?
Derek Young: This actress can say what she wants we have proof and she just has her mouth which has been used to do more than poorly act and tell lies. It’s been used to slander us as well.

Horror Bob: What is your opinion of the actress?
 Derek Young: She is of low class and will never work in any of my projects.

Horror Bob: The Eric Morse Project is starting its third season. This season the show is supposedly at war with another podcast. Please explain this situation.
 Derek Young: Well this guy actually says he's an Icon. I've never heard of him but he trashed us so now we are taking him down.

Horror Bob: Besides a lot of jabs at the competition, what can people expect from this season?
 Derek Young: Fun with great guests and great interviews.

Horror Bob: What do you see as the future of the horror genre?
Derek Young:  I see it turning back to some of the older roots and making a good comeback again.

Horror Bob: Is there any advice you would like to give out to aspiring young filmmakers?
Derek Young:  Never give up no matter what. Once you do then you have failed eventually your time will come and don’t you wanna be there when it does.

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