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Interview with Wayne "Count6String" Goulden

Here is the last interview Robert did before his death....

Interview with Wayne "Count6String" Goulden
By Robert "Horror Bob" Masters
For Horror Bob's Blog

For my interview this time I have the pleasure of having a very talented musician and internet radio personality, Wayne “Count6String” Goulden.

Horror Bob: Welcome, Mr. Goulden.

Count6String:  Hello everyone! I am Wayne "Count6string" Goulden, I am a song writer/performer and internet personality. I also composed the score for the Derek Young film..."Midnight Matinee Psycho". Thank you for having me, I am happy to answer all your questions.

Horror Bob: I’ll start with your musical work. What got you interested in music?

Count6String:  I grew up always loving music. But, the first time I heard the late great Randy Rhoads play, I knew this is what I wanted to do. The way he played and the sound that came out were unbelievable! He had so much talent, it is such a shame we lost him so soon. I like his early work with Quiet Riot and his work with Ozzy speaks for itself. A true legend... who is truly missed. Around the same time, I also loved the drums. The church where I went to Sunday school, had an old drum set in the basement. They let me play it. After a while, they let me bring the kit upstairs, to play for everyone.

Horror Bob: What performers and bands inspired you?

Count6String:  Besides Randy, a huge influence on me was Def Leppard and Alice Cooper. These guys are my heroes, I thank them for all their inspiration. Other influances include, Metallica, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ratt and Kix. Even bands like Genesis and Survivor. I like a wide range of music. My parents listened to a lot of old country while I was growing up. Don Williams, Charlie Pride, Jessie Colter, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and many more. As a child I used to borrow records to listen to. That's when I found my dads old Kiss and Led Zeppelin albums. I have been a fan of Rock 'n Roll ever since! One of the first songs I can ever remember hearing, was "Hang On Sloopy".  My Mom would play it on the record player and I would go to sleep to it as a baby. I still have that 45RPM today! 
Horror Bob: Tell us about your first band. What was the experience like?

Count6String:  My first band was called "Mystic Image". It was around 1989, the band did have at least 3 to 4 members, but for the most part it was me and my old friend Chaz. The way it formed was Chaz and I started it, brought a few guys in, but ended up with just me and him. I do not remember very many gigs other than parties, we were too young to play in bars.We had some original songs, but we did more cover tunes than anything. I remember putting so much time into learning all the songs I heard on the radio and drawing logos for the band name. I also learned a lot about what you needed for people to take you seriously. It was a lot of fun. I ran into Chaz at the Horrorfind Convention last year. My son was dressed like Jason Voorhees and chasing him around. After about a half hour, I realized that it was my old buddy Chaz. I introduced myself and he was blown away! It was great seeing him again, it had been about 20 years.

Horror Bob: How many bands have you been a part of?

Count6String:  I have been in about 8 different bands. Two of them never really got off the ground, we ended up just writing and rehearsing stuff. Other projects include "Mystic Image", a comedy/metal act called "Saint Lucifer". A group called "Forsaken" and a local band called "Eko Faktor".  Another project that I am still apart of, is called "Allegory". We had called it quits a few years ago, but we may be getting something going again, in the near future.

Horror Bob: I heard from a mutual friend that at one point you gave up on making music. What spurred this?

Count6String:  I felt if you love what you do, you give without asking. I put so much time into music, hours and hours away from my family. I felt it was what I had to do, if I wanted it to go somewhere. I did not want to be a rock star, I just wanted to make music for a living. Most of the bands I was with ended because of a band members girlfriend, guys being in it just for the beer and chicks or someone trying to be the leader and making it hard on everyone else. We even had a few shows where we got too drunk, one almost turned into a brawl. At one point my wife was our manager and we were working with an agent from California. There were some issues that my wife and I could not agree on and it caused a lot of stress on us. At one point, I did walk away from music. I tried to give up a few times, but my phone kept ringing. I still did not play, but  I was happy to give advice or help out when I could. I became more of a teacher. I made some friends who would come to see me play, when I walked away from music, they were willing to learn to play just to get me going again! I inspired them and that meant the world to me. I felt good about what I had done with music and was happy to teach what I had learned.

Horror Bob: I gather it was Eric Morse who helped you get started again with your music. Could you tell us a little about this?

Count6String:  Eric sent me a pic of a tattoo he just got, that had a Gypsy curse attatched to it. It reminded me of a song I did with Allegory, back in 2002 ,called "Curse of the Gypsy". I sent the song to him and he fell in love with it. Eric had also heard a song I did for a Friday the 13th fan film called "He's Back". But it was "Gypsy", that inspired him to write his own song, something he had not done in a while. He sent the lyrics to me and asked if I could do anything with it. I re worked the words a little and came up with the melody and "Nikki Tears Her World Apart" was born. It was released at Cafe Press, as a limited edition along with "Gypsy" and the demo for "Nikki". You can still find the video for "Nikki" that Eric made on YouTube. It was the first song I had done in about 2 to 3 years.

Horror Bob: I’ve heard that after you worked with Eric Morse on a song, you started getting other projects as well. Tell us about this.

Count6String:  After I got back from Horrorfind 12, in my hometown of Gettysburg back in 2010, I was going through all the cards and flyers I got from up and coming film makers. I was trying to find someone to interview on Horror Chat. One guy I met stayed in my mind, he was a young southern film maker named Derek Young. He was there with his Dad, promoting his first feature film called "Family Property". I met him at the costume contest and he was dressed as the killer in his film. He told me he made this film out of his own pocket. He had driven all the way from Franklin County Virginia to try and get it out there. I admired that and decided to give him a call. I invited him to come on our show to promote his film. I have a lot of respect for a film maker with such drive and determination, I wanted to help in any way I could. As fate would have it, Derek has since become part of The Eric Morse Project and is the host of Bloodbath Radio along with his own show, Reel Movies 4 Reel People. 
After he heard the song "Nikki", Derek asked me if I would be interested in doing the theme song for his next film. I was excited about the project, so he sent me the lyrics. The film was called "Midnight Matinee Psycho", I had a demo recorded in about 3 days. As the project moved along, Derek asked if I could score the instrumental parts as well. I had not seen any footage, just set pictures. I went to work on many different feels and musical pieces. I kept them pretty much in the same key as the theme song so that they all sounded related. I believe he also used a demo of a song I did for another project called "Engraved", in the film. I am proud to say that Derek has been so happy with the work I have done for him, he says I have a part in every film he ever does!
Another project I was asked to be a part of was a film called "Campout Nightmare". A friend of Eric's named Mike Sankovich, was putting this project together. He wanted a remake of the "Little Red Riding Hood" song. The lyrics were re-written and sent to me. That version became "Little Red Final Girl". You can find  that video on YouTube also.
I have future projects in the works with Derek and Eric. I have even thrown my name in the hat to do some musical work on a film project called "Zombies Ate My Neighbors", that I had heard was in the works. Still no word from anyone who I have contacted related to the project. From what I understand, it seems to be a difficult one to get off the ground. It is based on the video game of the same name, which was one of my all time favorites! Derek has also been talking to Gary Sales, about using a song Derek and I did for the up coming "Madman" remake.

Horror Bob: I’ve heard you are working on multiple album projects. Would you like to tell us about what you are planning?

Count6String:  After I scored "Midnight Matinee Psycho", I decided to do something for myself. I wanted to make an album. I had been kicking the idea around since recording "Nikki", so I began work on some songs ideas. I still have quite a few songs on the shelf from my days with Eko Faktor, that need a home. I upgraded my home recording equiptment and I am doing it all myself. So far the working title of the album is called "Engraved", after the title track. I plan on 13 songs, complete with album artwork. I am hoping to have it completed early this year. Then, I hope to begin work on my second album project. It will be all the songs I have done with Eric and Derek. The working title is "Karma", that will hopefully be ready late this year or early 2013. I also have a few film projects to work on as well, so I have plenty to keep me busy.

Horror Bob: Have you a label or are you doing this independently?

Count6String:  I am doing this independently. Hopefully a label will show interest someday, but you never know. I could not have done any of it, though, without the support of The Eric Morse Project, Derek Young and my Family. Derek has said he would like to help manage me. And, Eric has been so helpful with finding ways to advertise, distribute and get the word out there. We make a great team and I feel we have a great adventure ahead of us! Horror Movies, Rock Music and Radio Shows. We are going to have a blast!

Horror Bob: Now, I heard before you started working on internet radio you did celebrity interviews for a well known Friday the Thirteenth website. Please tell us about this.

Count6String:  Yes, I did quite a few celebrity interviews over at Crystal Lake After Dark. I became good friends with Alex around 2005. He is the founder of CLAD. The interviews we were able to put together were awesome! I did many interviews with Friday the 13th alumni.  I met some really great people at CLAD. It is an awesome forum!

Horror Bob: What were some of the celebrities you had the pleasure of interviewing?

Count6String:  Harry Manfredini, Richard Brooker, Warrington Gillette, Keven Spirtas, Annie Gaybis and Russel Todd, to name a few. We had a system, 13 questions and we always tried to throw in the question... "Have you seen any of the other F13 films?" It was amazing how many said no.

Horror Bob: I heard you are now with Eric Morse’s site The Bloodbath Board. What happened that made you leave the other Friday the Thirteenth website?

Count6String:  It's not that I left, but there came a time when the interviews seemed to dry up. With the "Crystal Lake Memories" book coming out, not many were wanting to do interviews right away. At the same time, Alex and I had a disagreement, some hurtful things were said. I felt I should stay away for awhile and let it blow over. When I did come back around, I realized as long as I had been gone, things had changed. I noticed above my name, where it used to say interview guru, was now blank. I felt I had let everyone down. I realized how most likely it did look as if I just walked out. I had nothing against CLAD, but my mistake was that I let my differences with Alex affect that. I just hope all the cool people I met there, would someday understand. Since then, Alex and I have put the past behind us, we are friends again. I still stop by CLAD, now and again to check out whats going on. I thank them so much for letting me be the interview guru!
Eric had asked me if I was interested in helping him get the Bloodbath Board off the ground. It did not have very many members so, I thought a dry spell of interviews might not be an issue. Also, it would give me the chance to try out a few things and ideas. I admit, since I joined on I have become very, busy with other projects so I am trying to work on that as I go. I try to plan time for things, but sometimes trying to plan something is the worst thing you could do LOL! I go with the flow and just try to spend as much time with my Family and my hobbies as I can.

Horror Bob: How did you get started in internet radio?

Count6String:  Eric came to me and asked if I would interested in hosting a horror related talk show. I did not think it was for me at first, but then I thought I will not know until I try it. I became the host of Horror Chat, along with my co- hosts Christopher Highland and Eric Morse. I was nervous at first, but I am getting ready for my third season and I feel really good about being a Horror Host. It is a lot of fun and it keeps me on my toes. I always feel if I have something to say, I have a great outlet and I get to hang with the guys and talk horror movies!

Horror Bob: How is it working with Eric Morse?

Count6String:  Eric is great! He is like my Uncle, he has been so supportive and helpful. He has given me faith back in my music. He has shown me I have more to offer, as a talk show host. He is definitely one awesome boss! There is never a dull moment. I look forward to working with him as long as he will have me around. He has a passion for what he does and I respect that.

Horror Bob: Had you known much about Eric Morse before you started working with him?

Count6String:  I remember going store to store, back when the Camp Crystal Lake novels were released, trying to collect them all. Believe it or not, I only got one. I knew who Eric was and I was honored to find he was a member of CLAD, as well! I did not know much about him other than the novels, but we soon became friends. I learned his real name is William Pattison and he lives in California. We got to meet at the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis, Indianna, where we shared a table. He signed my copy of "Road Trip", that I had bought so many years before. He is very down to earth and an all around fun guy! I am proud to work with him.

Horror Bob: There has been a lot of controversy running around the net recently in regard to Eric Morse. You got any comment on this?

Count6String:  Eric is who he is, he is not the type to lie down and take it, so to speak. He has been called everything under the sun, by people who claim he is no good. The one that gets me, is when they call him a stalker because of his friend, the missing Dark Spider. That is out of line, considering he has not done anything that a stalker does. He is friends with her husband and joined in to spread the word of her disappearance. There are victims of real stalkers out there, who would not take kindly to that word just being thrown around in some internet war. Stalkers make peoples lives a living hell, some people never recover. That is something that should not be mocked. It was hard enough back in the day just to get anyone to believe there were stalkers and what the law could do about them. I have seen what a stalker can do first hand, it is not funny at all. Saying Eric is creepy like that, is like saying so is Roger Corman, Fred Olen Ray or Lloyd Kaufman. Yes, Eric likes Horror/Sci-Fi and yes, Eric likes pretty girls. A Horror/Sci-Fi film including pretty girls may be right up his alley, but that does not make him creepy. Hell, I would watch that film too, LOL! Eric is not creepy and he is not a stalker. He just has his share of enemies and he would rather fire back that sit and take it. Hence, the name calling and all the BS you can handle. It is very sad, but a lot of people have what I call "Keyboard Muscles."  They are very much like "Beer Muscles." They get to a place where they feel safe or indestructible. Then just mouth off, not caring who they hurt.

Horror Bob: What you think of you other co-hosts, Derek Young and Christopher Highland?

Count6String:  Derek is one of a kind. He is never at a loss for words. I think he will have quite a career in making movies. He too, has that passion for what he does. Chris is so cool. He is very softspoken, but over the past 2 seasons he has opened up a lot. I look forward to hearing and reading more from him. He is quite the author himself. I am proud to work with these guys!

Horror Bob: From what I gather, your show is at war with another podcast. Would you like to explain this situation?

Count6String:  Well I do not know how much I can say about it, other than a so called friend of Eric's turned on him over a misunderstanding. Now, one of her friends is attacking our show out of spite. You see, she too called Eric a stalker, around the time he asked her to do our show. For some reason, she changed her mind and started throwing crap at Eric. It is very hard to understand this situation. I am not sure if I have all the facts straight myself. All I know for sure, is that if this guy wants to slam our show in hopes of impressing a girl, he has a lot to learn in life. I hope he is having fun trying to learn it! The way I see it, every slam on us is another free plug for our show. Go ahead and slam us, say we suck and no one should listen to us. We all know it is the forbidden fruit, that tastes best!

Horror Bob: What can fans expect this season on your show, Horror Chat?

Count6String:  This season, we are going to dive into many more horror related topics and guests. I also plan to release some tracks from my up coming album "Engraved", on the show. We are working very hard to come up with fresh ideas, to bring to life. We are going to have Nurse Hatchet and Nicollette Le Faye, to name a few. Along with plenty of surprises. We will keep you up to date on all the Horror Conventions and Celebrities coming your way, as well. Tune in and check us out!

Horror Bob: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Count6String:  Thanks so much to everyone out there who knows who I am and has taken the time to read this interview. I hope you continue to follow me on this wild journey. We will see where it takes us. Keep in mind that even in the internet world we have bullies and down right mean people. It is you the cool people, who make it all worth while. Feel free to contact me on FaceBook or through The Eric Morse Project. Thanks again so much!
Thank you, too Robert, for taking the time to interview me. You really did your homework, those were some great questions!
I had a lot of fun, Take Care My Friend!

I would like to thank Count6String for the pleasure of his time. Please tune into The Eric Morse Project on Blog Talk Radio and listen to Count6String and his friends. You will not be disappointed.

Keep on Creepin', Horror Bob!

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